Zodwa Wabantu is done dating Ben 10’s


Zodwa Wabantu is done dating Ben 10’s


Zodwa Wabantu has finally declared she is done dating younger man which she tags as Ben 10’s.

According to her, she is currently in a relationship with a much older and matured business man.

The star is known to always going into a relationship with younger men and when asked why, she says she prefers them young.

Well, it seems Zodwa is really serious with her rules as she is ready to keep her new bae forever.

The entertainer has been giving us hint about her having a new bae but she is yet to reveal the face of hert lover.

Zodwa has been flying to Johannesburg just to spend some time with him and she hopes to keep on the low for now.

She said: “We kept in contact, but we didn’t have any special feelings. I then had a sense that I liked the guy and it turned out he had feelings for me too. “

“I told him I was going wherever he was going as I wanted to kiss him and have s*x with him. I didn’t care if it would be a one-night stand, but I felt like I was in love with him.”

In her words, she is scared to reveal her new man to the world as she is scared of what she had gone through in her past relationships to repeat itself.

Her two previous relationships with Vusi Buthelezi and Ntobeko Linda were very public and her break-ups were nasty.

“I come to Joburg regularly to see him because I’m happy. I won’t reveal his name because all my relationships have been public and people have been talking. With this one I have learnt from my mistakes.”

“He is a man who says what he wants and how he feels. I will reveal him when the time is right. I love him so much!”

She also proclaimed, “Zodwa Wabantu will always be Zodwa. A fun person who always tells the truth.”


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