You could be flying in a Zapata Jetracer next year

You could be flying in a Zapata Jetracer next year

You could be flying in a Zapata Jetracer next year

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What has a seat, 10 jet engines and autonomous flight capabilities? It’s Zapata’s Jetracer.


You may know the name Zapata from the company’s viral videos of its inventions such as the Flyboard and Flyboard Air.

The Jetracer takes flight.


Today, the company uses its experience in the manufacture of flying machines to diversify into public transport. You can think of the Jetracer as a bridge technology between Zapata’s recreational vehicles and the air mobility market.

The Jetracer’s maximum speed should be between 125 and 155 miles per hour and its maximum altitude should be over 9,800 feet. However, these numbers are not final, as the Jetracer is still being tested and tweaked.

With 10 motors, Zapata says, the Jetracer can lose two and still fly.

Despite the Jetracer’s sleek and intimidating design, “it’s actually quite easy to fly,” according to Jules Birchler, Zapata’s business development manager.

That ease comes, the company says, from the Jetracer’s built-in flight controller, which is designed to prevent crashes, stabilize the craft in harsh conditions, and even enable autonomous capabilities.

The pilots input where they want to go and the flight controller decides how to do it. The company also released video of an unmanned Jetracer doing a barrel roll, which Birchler says was a “pre-designed stunt” using a flight simulator to determine what inputs would be needed for the Jetracer to barrel roll at the simple. press of a button.

The pilot inputs instructions from the Jetracer and the flight controller decides how to perform the maneuvers.


In 2023, Zapata aims to bring the Jetracer to the United States, where people will have their first chance to test it in flight. Eventually, the company hopes to open permanent flight centers, where the Jetracer could be rented as a Jet Ski or an ATV.

Birchler also teased Zapata’s follow-up to the Jetracer, called the Air Scooter, which features a hybrid electric and combustion engine and longer flight time. He said the Air Scooter is expected to launch around the second half of 2023.

To see the Jetracer in action, watch the video in this article.


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