Xbox Countdown 2022 sale: Best deals on Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X games

Xbox Countdown 2022 sale: Best deals on Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X games

Xbox Countdown 2022 sale: Best deals on Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X games

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Xbox kicked off its Year-End Countdown Sale Event, offering deep discounts on Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X titles. promotional offers will persist until January 2, 2023. Highly sought-after games like Red Dead Redemption 2 are offered with a 67% price reduction, listed at Rs. 1,319.67, while Call’s new cross-gen pack of Duty: Modern Warfare II is available at a 15% discount, for Rs. 4,249.15. With the football craze at its peak, thanks to the 2022 FIFA World Cup ending this weekend, now might be the best time to pick up a copy of FIFA 23, which has been discounted at half price, now costing Rs. 1,999.50 and Rupees. 2,249.50 for Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X versions, respectively.


The critically acclaimed Elden Ring, which was crowned Game of the Year last week, is 30% off standard and deluxe versions. It is available for as little as Rs. 2,799.30, with the most expensive rupees. Version 4060 adding digital soundtrack and artbook in the fold. And once you’ve mastered that, try learning the ways of a shinobi in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – also a GOTY – which is available at Rs. 2,000, with publisher Activision offering a locked 50% discount, as per usual.

The award-winning Disco Elysium – The Final Cut, hailed for its cutting-edge writing quality, is also on offer at a 55% discount and costs Rs. 1,154.38. Those who were intimidated by the idea of ​​constant in-game playback can now rest easy, as this polished release comes with individual voice acting, storytelling, and tons of quality of life changes.

Despite being locked to 30fps on console, Gotham Knights manages to expand on the Batman arc with a new cast of characters, each with a unique set of abilities. The Deluxe Edition of the game is on sale on Xbox Series S/X at Rs. 2,999.50.

Then shoot some hoops in NBA 2K23, which has been heavily discounted to Rs. 1,599.60 and Rs. 1,979.55 on Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X, respectively.

With that, here’s a list of the biggest games, available at a discount on Xbox’s Countdown Sale 2022 event:

Xbox Countdown Sale 2022: Best deals on Xbox Series S/X games

Red Dead Redemption 2 at Rs. 1,319.67 – 67% OFF (NEW LOW)

Elden Ring at Rs. 2,799.30 — 30% off (FIRST OFF)

Dying Light 2 Stay Human at Rs. 1,999.50 – 50% Off (BEST PREVIOUS)

Dying Light 2 Review: When Zombies Meet Parkour

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot at Rs. 999.75 – 75% off (BEST PREVIOUS)

FIFA 23 at Rs. 2,249.50 – 50% Off (NEW LOW)

Final Fantasy VII at Rs. 670 – 50% off (BEST PREVIOUS)

Far Cry 6 – Game of the Year Edition at Rs. 3,199.60 (NEW LOWER)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Cross-Gen Bundle at Rs. 4,249.15 — 15% off (FIRST DISCOUNT)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 review: Overpriced, unpolished, but fun!

Disco Elysium – The Final Cut at Rs. Rs. 1,154.38 – 55% Off (NEW LOW)

NBA 2K23 at Rs. 1,979.55 – 55% Off (NEW LOW)

Gotham Knights: Deluxe Edition at Rs. 2,999.50 – 50% Off (FIRST DISCOUNT)

Gotham Knights Review: Batman Arkham Meets Marvel’s Spider-Man, Minus the Ingenuity

Untied Need for Speed ​​at Rs. 2,699.40 – 40% Off (FIRST OFF)

Xbox Countdown Sale 2022: Best deals on Xbox One games

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Rs. 2,000 GOTY Edition – 50% OFF (BEST PREVIOUS)

FIFA 23 at Rs. 1,999.50 – 50% Off (NEW LOW)

NBA 2K23 at Rs. 1,599.60 – 60% Off (NEW LOW)

BioShock: The Collection at Rs. 639.80 – 80% Off (BEST PREVIOUS)

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