WWE Booking Roman Reigns vs Edge for Money in the Bank 2021 is a Bad Idea, Here’s Why


WWE Booking Roman Reigns vs Edge for Money in the Bank 2021 is a Bad Idea, Here’s Why

WWE Legend Edge made an emphatic return on Friday Night SmackDown. He wasted no time in letting Roman Reigns know he was there for him and his Universal Championship. While many are excited for this dream match, there are more reasons why it shouldn’t be happening right now.

Edge Lita shows he is not shy of making a self-conglagatory gesture during the WWE RAW Superslam event at Acer Arena, Homebush Stadium in Sydney on August 4, 2006. (Photo by Don Arnold/WireImage)

Why Edge vs Roman Reigns shouldn’t happen at Money in the Bank 2021

The timing for Edge’s return doesn’t really sit right. The ‘Rated-R Superstar’ has reignited his feud with Reigns, and of course, for all the right reasons. However, it’s no secret it would only last till Money in the Bank as the buzz around is John Cena would be working a program with Reigns heading into SummerSlam.

If the two maestros of the ‘Spear’ have to collide, an extensive feud would serve the right purpose. We wonder if a short month-long feud would do justice to both Edge and Reigns.


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The outcome is predictable as everyone knows the ‘Tribal Chief’ will find some way to win and move on to Cena. While the ‘Ultimate Opportunist‘ moves on to Seth Rollins. In fact, WWE have started planting seeds for their feud already!

Even if WWE and Edge want to transition into a feud with Seth Rollins, they should make fans care more rather than rely on the dream match card. Something like a strong stipulation match such as Career vs Title would serve just the right purpose.


The match rules are normal, just the stakes would be high. This would make the short feud and their eventual match up more entertaining. And to kick things off with Rollins, all it would take is a DQ finish to his match with Reigns because of the ‘Savior of SmackDown.’

All in all, the stakes aren’t high and it’s simply thrown together for nostalgia purpose. WWE can make it interesting and prove us wrong in the weeks to Money in the Bank. But for now, it does seem like something that should’ve happened already or after a while. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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