Wizkid’s declaration that “Afrobeat is the new pop, rap is dead” backfires

Wizkid’s declaration that “Afrobeat is the new pop, rap is dead” backfires

Grammy winner, Wizkid’s declaration that Afrobeat genre of music is the new pop, adding that rap is dead has backfired.

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In a recent interview with 10 magazine, the ‘Essence’ singer declared Afrobeat genre of music as the new pop, adding that rap genre of music is dead.

According to Wizkid, rap is boring and repetitive. In his words:


“Afrobeats is the new pop, sold two million copies in America off of one song! Even some American artists don’t have a diamond record.

“If I’m being honest, I don’t listen to any other genre of music anymore. don’t listen to rap that shit is boring to me. It’s d£ad now, it’s tired. These guys do the same shit, rap on the same beats and the same flows.”


Despite being loved by many, Wizkid’s statement didn’t save him from heavy criticism. Netizens dragged him of being guilty of the same claims he made about rap. See some reactions below:

emini_kabex wrote: I kuku no blame am for saying such. When even the godfathers and mentors of the RAP game,would rather invest in an average SINGER, but would ignore an never help an obviously talented rapper due to the fear that he might dethrone them and take over their spots. When the scrambling for a club hit song is more than the passion for the game. When even rappers won’t even work with their fellow rappers all in the name of ego, beef and pride, but would spend their last millions to gum body with singers wey use trending slang or lamba blow… What were you expecting??

preacherbeats wrote: I listen to Rap and Hip Hop everyday of my life. . .. Hip Hop Head til I die.  Wizkids validation on Rap music is not needed. He should stick to his Afrobeat.

theladykimani_ wrote: Overrated artist talking trash about a whole genre with actual talented artists. Artists who are better lyricist than him.

iam_slimcase wrote: @ Mi is Typing….

stevenadeoye wrote: Same flow, same beats, same way of rhyming. Yes & that’s why it’s hard to love rap. Only few are creative. Others do the same shit.

a_star_from_the_north wrote: Are you guys just finding out this boy is rude and contemptuous? Because person quiet no mean say e get sense. Him brain fit Empty na why e no dey talk much.

greatmantakit wrote: Lol.. but the biggest artistes in terms of streams and sales na still rappers sha o.. lol Drake being number 1 rn.. I come in peace..

evaxalordiah wrote: Ehhhh God! My Chest!

thedabota wrote: Says the person that always says “she tell me say”

officialbolanlebabs wrote: American fans leaving Wizkid like bad habit for this. Don’t say that bro, naa! These are things you say amongst friends not in public. The likes of 2pac, Notorious B.I.G, Dr Dre, Snoop, Nas, Jay Z, and co made it there and still rep’s it. Stop trippin ( …say you don’t listen to Nigerian rappers not rap songs in general.

mobolaiumoke wrote: This one and saying rubbish dis days

ezeqwesiri wrote: Rap is harder than Afrobeats; Repetitive chorus/ hooks. Rap can never die

pwetty_meme wrote: Unku be humble ooo don’t discredit other people’s hardwork mtchewww

seuntfooty wrote: You don go overtalk o! Cos there are good rappers. Na you choose to listen to mainstream rappers. Like you aren’t in the music business. Like you don’t understand why the record labels churn out garbage.

bevs_gram wrote: Uhm no words. For someone who does the same flow on same beat type. Cringe

tbellz07 wrote: Ndi more love less ego. I don’t understand this dude these days.

iamkingdinero2 wrote: Kai I miss those days of “Africa Rapper number 1 eh ” M.I really made me enjoved rap

blvck.sun_ wrote: Coming from someone that’s sings only about woman.

africanoid wrote: Wizkid that kept repeating “she tell me say” million times

micarida wrote: Anyone that thinks rap is boring is intellectually deficient. Maybe Nigerian rap is boring but don’t disrespect the genre in general because you’re singing “whine for me baby” on every damn track! The nerve

official_perry_hair wrote: Wizkid song are more boring to be sincere

dadahgram wrote: Hmmmm this bros has been egoistic since “more love less ego” dropped o baba calm down ooo lol, the funny thing is afropop/afrobeats songs are beginning to sound alike. same groove, same approach to the production and singing, no flexibility in creativity, that’s why Burna is top tier his versatility can’t be compared to any artist in the world! You’ve got to be expressive with music no just dey one side dey “koloko pami and manye wu” lol stop the cap boss! Love you still 

whygolagos wrote: #Bigwiz just fvcked up like what you do but don’t condemn others brr, rap genre of music have been alive before the birth of vour forefathers and you can’t put it off and killing the dreams of some upcoming rappers. Rap is music, Afro beats is music, trap is music, reggae is music, pop is music, country music is music just pick your favorite genre and promote it but do not condemn other’s favorites.

kingyemosky wrote: Coming from someone that has been repeating almost same line in every mush for over a decade now … in fact rap music is better and by far the best. SHE TELL ME SAY SHE TELL ME SAY… if dem born any body mama well reply or tag me in your comment I’ll make sure to find you in person do your own don’t tag me

nolimitod_ wrote: Your last album was dead and boring

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