Windows 11, Microsoft Edge to get improved clarity, controller bar, new game homepage, etc.

Windows 11, Microsoft Edge to get improved clarity, controller bar, new game homepage, etc.

Windows 11, Microsoft Edge to get improved clarity, controller bar, new game homepage, etc.

Microsoft has unveiled a plethora of new gaming features for Windows 11 and Microsoft Edge – with the natural aim of delivering an enhanced gaming experience – including windowed game optimization, a new HDR calibration app, a new controller, a new game homepage, built-in Clarity Boost, and a new Efficiency mode. The new game improvements will be applicable to the desktop version of Microsoft Edge. Many of them are currently being tested as part of the Windows Insider Program.

Here’s how they break down. Optimizations for windowed games should improve latency and add gaming features like Auto HDR and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR). A new HDR calibration app is being developed to improve the color accuracy and consistency of HDR displays. Windows 11 will also receive a PC Game Pass widget that will allow players to discover new games and easily return to recently played titles.

A Controller Bar is also tested in the Windows Insider Program, which automatically appears when a controller is plugged into a Windows 11 system. It is designed to provide gamers with easy access to their latest games and popular game launchers like the Xbox app without the need to use a mouse or keyboard.

“With Windows 11, they’re doing a lot of things to really delight PC gamers. There’s an all-new DirectX, so DirectX 12 Ultimate is going to give game developers even more tools to improve performance and reduce latency. Also last year, we introduced DirectStorage, which makes games load faster,” Ashley McKissick, vice president of gaming experience and platforms at Xbox, said of these upcoming game updates. Windows 11.

Microsoft Edge is also evolving to meet the needs of modern gaming. New exclusive gaming features will soon be making their way to the desktop version of Microsoft Edge. The browser will get a new personalized game homepage which will be filled with game related content like game guides, live streams, game highlights, tournaments and upcoming and newly released games. It will also feature Xbox Cloud Gaming integrations that will give gamers easy access to their cloud gaming library and recently played games.

With the built-in Clarity Boost, the desktop version of Microsoft Edge can deliver crisp and clear visuals while playing games. Players will also be able to quickly access popular free games such as Microsoft Solitaire, Atari Asteroids, Microsoft Jewel, and Microsoft Edge’s exclusive Surf game through the new Microsoft Edge Game menu. A new Efficiency mode will help improve gaming performance on Windows 10 and Windows 11 by automatically reducing browser resource usage when a PC game is launched.

Improved clarity on Microsoft Edge
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Windows 11 has been constantly receiving important updates since its launch in October last year. Microsoft hopes gamers will upgrade to its latest operating system with these upcoming features. Additionally, Microsoft Edge could become a unique offering for gamers with these updates, which could help it compete with other popular browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

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