‘Willow’ release schedule: when is episode 5 coming to Disney Plus?

‘Willow’ release schedule: when is episode 5 coming to Disney Plus?

'Willow' release schedule: when is episode 5 coming to Disney Plus?

willow brings old-school fantasy action to Disney+, with new episodes hitting the streaming service every week. The series follows the events of the 1988 film, with actor Warwick Davis (best known for his many Star Wars roles) returning as the title character.

“Whether you’re a fan of the ’80s film or not, the new Willow is a clever and entertaining mix of swordplay and pun that evokes some old-world magic,” CNET’s Rich Knightwell wrote in his review. .

The show kicked off on Wednesday November 30 – four episodes are available now – and we’ll have one episode per week until January 11.

Willow episode release dates and times

Here’s the full release schedule for Willow on Disney Plus, and we’ll adjust if the company announces any changes or breaks. New episodes usually drop at 12 p.m. PT (3 a.m. ET / 8 a.m. GMT / 7 p.m. AEST).

  • Episode 1: Available Now
  • Episode 2: Available Now
  • Episode 3: Available Now
  • Episode 4: Available Now
  • Episode 5: Wednesday, December 21
  • Episode 6: Wednesday, December 28
  • Episode 7: Wednesday, January 4
  • Episode 8: Wednesday, January 11

Is there a trailer?

Lucasfilm released trailers for Star Wars Anaheim Celebration in May and D23 in September.

Do I have to watch the movie to understand the show?

The series picks up a few decades after the events of the 1988 film and makes regular reference to them, but most of the characters are new – similar to the approach Star Wars took with the force awakens. It does a solid job of weaving in the exposition, so you won’t feel lost if you don’t have the bandwidth for the movie.

You can still watch the movie if you fancy seeing more of this world between episodes. It is available on Disney Plus.


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