Will Randy Orton Betray Matt Riddle?
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Will Randy Orton Betray Matt Riddle?


Will Randy Orton Betray Matt Riddle?

Randy Orton and Riddle’s unlikely tag team, RK-Bro is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining storylines on WWE Raw. The huge contrast in their personalities makes their duo even better.

While both men have found common ground to compete as a unit, there are times when it feels all of it will simply explode. After all, a ‘Viper’ never makes friends.

Will Randy Orton Betray Matt Riddle?

RK-Bro will lead to SummerSlam match between Randy Orton and Riddle

This past week on Raw, we saw some of the biggest upsets in recent memory. Both Randy Orton and Riddle had Money in the Bank qualifying matches on the show. Earlier in the show, Riddle caught up with Randy backstage and even asked him for advice considering Orton is former Mr. Money in the Bank.

However, this didn’t really prove to be great for Orton as he couldn’t make it through, but Riddle did! The Miz distracted Orton with his drip stick when he was about to finish Morrison with the RKO. This lead to Riddle coming out and chasing Miz.

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All the commotion at ringside distracted Orton, allowing Morrison to pick the quick win. Riddle didn’t look thrilled while Orton was absolutely furious. Later in the night, Orton came out to see the ‘Original Bro’ in action. To everyone’s surprise, Riddle got the win!

Currently, Riddle is one of the four men from the Raw side of things at MITB. There is one more vacant spot which will be decided after a last chance triple threat match next week on Raw. We believe the ‘Apex Predator’ will walk out victorious and claim the final spot on the card.

Will Randy Orton Betray Matt Riddle?

What does Money in the Bank have to do with Riddle and Orton though? Well, the ultimate moments of the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match will see all men down, except for two; Orton and Riddle. The two would climb on top of the ladder, forget their association and trade blows.

Eventually, Riddle will get the better of Randy and will grab the briefcase to become the 2021 Mr. Money in the Bank. Then, the following night on Raw, the two have a fallout where Orton absolutely annihilates Riddle and accuses him of stealing his spot and briefcase. Which we believe is enough to set up a match between the two at SummerSlam.

A win against someone like Randy Orton at the ‘Biggest Party of the Summer’ will certainly send a loud and clear message to the WWE Universe that a new top star of the company is born. After all, he would eventually cash-in the briefcase to become a WWE/Universal Champion.

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