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Wicked Caretaker | Mark Angel TV |Funny VideoWicked Caretaker | Mark Angel TV  |Funny Video

In this episode of Mark Angel Tv a little girl is brought into the compound by Baze 10. The little girl is crying and Baze 10 is asked who the girl is and why she is crying by Nwayiocha, Mimi, and Mr. Azu.

Baze 10 then explains how he saw the girl on the road crying and asked to know what the problem of the girl was and found put that the little girl had lost N20 naira, the money was given to her by her aunty to go give to someone.

Mr. Azu and everyone else is sad over the news, but are angry over the fact that a little girl of such age would be asked by an adult to handle such a huge sum of money at a time where the economy is very bad.

Baze 10 then comes up with an idea of the reason he brought the girl into the compound in the first place. He suggested that everyone contributes money to give to the little girl so she could give to her aunty to avoid being beaten up by her aunty and sent back to the village as the little girl is paranoid of any of these happening to her.

Mr. Azu is at an impasse with this idea and openly objects it while everyone else sees it as a welcome development.

Mr. Azu is then made to believe that it was indeed a good idea as others started donating money to the little girl. Mr. Azu then decides to also donate and donated N1,000 naira to the little girl making everyone happy and surprise at the same time as he donated a sum greater than everyone else including Baze 10 who came up with the idea of donating money to the little girl.

Mark Angel the Caretaker comes into the scene to ask why the tenants are gathering outside, he also notices the little girl crying, anxious to know why she was crying, he asked if the tenants had beaten her up.

Baze 10 tells Mark Angel the
Caretaker why the little girl was crying and how he brought her into the compound so the tenants could donate some money to save the little girl from being beaten up by her aunty.

Mark the Caretaker is worried about the little girl and asked to know how much money each of the tenants has donated to the little girl, añd after everyone had told him how much they had donated to the little girl, he decides to donated N5,000 naira the little girl. All the tenants are shocked and asked how is managed to do so.

Mr. Azu in particular suspects the money the Caretaker gave the little girl might be his house rent and warns him to better be careful. Baze 10 affirms to it as he claims he the Caretaker affirmed to not having any money just a day ago.

Mark the Caretaker then explains how he got the money that he gave to the little girl saying he was taking a walk on the road that morning when he noticed some money on the ground and he picked it up and counted it to see N20,000 naira.

He explains how God could bless a man anytime, anywhere and any day and claims this was the perfect example.

At this point, the tenants in the compound realize that he the Caretaker had picked the money that the little girl lost and accuse him of stealing the little girl’s money, but Mark would not accept their claims and instead calls them enemies of progress as he walks out of the scene.

In a bid to benefit from the stolen money, Baze 10 reminds the Caretaker of being his friend, the Caretaker is not ready to buy this claim either as he gives him a look of disapproval.

The rest of the tenants now see Baze 10 as a gold digger and the Caretaker as a thief who steals from little children.

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