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Why you should slow down while eating your food


Why you should slow down while eating your food

Why you should slow down while eating your food

Truth be told, there are only a few people who peacefully eat their breakfast and lunch. Most of us try to quickly gulp down our two most important meals of the day due to the busy schedule.

In the morning we are always in a hurry to start the office work, while in the afternoon we barely manage to take some time out from the meetings for lunch. This has become a regular scene in every household during the pandemic.

We repeat this daily, unaware of the fact that chomping down the food in a hurry does more harm than good.

You gain nothing from having your meal like this and it’s time we take this seriously. We all have a busy schedule, but it’s vital that we take some time to eat our food properly.

Food provides us with energy and nutrients, which helps us go all day long. We must relish food to gain maximum nutrients from it. Here is what happens to your body when you eat your food fast:

1. You overeat

By eating fast, you consume more calories than required by the body. When we eat fast, we always tend to overeat because our brain does not get time to realise when it is full. Eating slowly helps our brain to process and function properly. Your stomach sends a signal to the brain when it is full and thus, you stop eating.

2. You gain weight

Overeating often leads to weight gain, which gives way to other health issues. Your body stores all the extra calories in the cells, leading to weight gain. To maintain a healthy weight, eat slowly and try to be present at the moment. This helps you absorb maximum nutrients from the food you eat and prevents you from gaining unnecessary weight.

3. ​Indigestion

Eating food speedily often leads to the problem of indigestion. This happens when you do not chew your food properly and gulp down the food with water. This makes it difficult for the digestive system to digest the food, hence leading to bloating and indigestion.

Fast eating does not directly cause diabetes, but it can certainly increase the risk of developing this disease. Some studies prove that bloating due to fast eating can increase the risk of insulin resistance, eventually leading to type 2 diabetes in adults.

5. Choking

This does not happen often, because there is always a risk. Munching your food mindlessly may someday lead to choking. Kids may experience this risk more. So, it is better to slow down, take your time and chew the food properly.

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