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Why you feel lonely amongst your friends


Why you feel lonely amongst your friends

Why you feel lonely amongst your friends

Do you have a problem hanging out with your friends? The weekend is probably fast approaching and you start scratching your head to get any excuse to bail on them. This is very common with huge cliques of friends.

You will find some friends are closer than others and you will always be hanging or feeling left out of their plans.

If you constantly feel lonely when hanging out with your friends, here are some possible reasons why:

1. You just don’t fit in

You probably moved to a new city or got a new job and found yourself in a different environment. You have no option but to adopt to your new life, sometimes you fit right in but other times you just string along. This could be why you feel lonely when around friends, the activities they like don’t pique your interest. When you find yourself in this position you can either tell the how you feel and the things you like or simply work towards getting friends who align with your interests.

2. You are stressed

When people are stressed, they tend to want to keep to themselves. When you find yourself declining all invites and probably bailing on your friends more than you should then it’s time to reassess yourself. You are probably stressed out about your job or having financial difficulties and this is starting to show and overlap on your social life. You can talk to someone or seek help from a professional.

3. Your priorities are shaping up

Sometimes when you start to feel lonely or disconnected with your friends the problem might not be them but you. When your priorities start to shape up you find yourself in a place where probably hanging out with your friends all night drinking doesn’t interest you anymore. You want to make more informed decisions and set your future rolling, this is good because it a sign of growth. Talk to your friends about how you feel, if they don’t understand maybe it’s time to get friends who align with your growth.

4. You are not happy with their success

Sometimes it is not about your friends, it could just be how you are feeling about them. Probably everyone around you is making big career moves, buying houses or cars while your career and life remains stagnated. Feeling low is expected but when this feelings prevent you from spending time with your friends or being happy for them, it’s time to check yourself. As a good friend you should always want the best for your friends because you would expect the same from them.

5. Unresolved issues

When you hang out in big cliques, it’s not easy to keep tabs of those you offend or vice versa. In most cases you when you meet you throw banters at each all the time but sometimes the jokes can go too far and you have a hard time getting over the feeling. When this happens instead of crucifying the whole crew, take it up with the person who hurt you and tell them how you feel. This can help with the unnecessary tension and grudges you might be having with all your friends.

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