Why My Son Might Sue Me Or Simply Accuse Me Of Hating Him – Yomi Fabiyi | AfroNaija

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Why My Son Might Sue Me Or Simply Accuse Me Of Hating Him – Yomi Fabiyi


Why My Son Might Sue Me Or Simply Accuse Me Of Hating Him – Yomi Fabiyi

Nigerian actor, Yomi Fabiyi has opened up some reasons he believes will make his son hate him when he grows up.

The actor asserted that if his son realizes that he traveled to other developed countries such as Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, France, Dubai, and other places before and during his birth, despite the fact that he was born in Nigeria, he may sue him or  blame him of hating him for not giving him a better opportunity.

He wrote:

“The sad thing is that my one month old son will most likely grow to experience this idea of no light too and there won’t still be 24hours power supply by the time he grow older if nothing is done now.

If he gets to know I have been travelling to CANADA, UNITED STATES, UNITED KINGDOM, GERMANY, HOLLAND, FRANCE, DUBAI etc before and during his birth and yet had him in NIGERIA, he might sue me or simply accuse me of hating him.

When I was in secondary school we were told about a certain VISION 2020 and it has high hopes including 24hrs power supply. I thought then, 2020 is far, we will have constant electricity before then, little did I know oh it will even get worse.

If I cannot risk anything and ask for the right things to be done in the society, I have failed my son, the weak and aged. No matter the upbringing, inheritance or so I leave behind, an enslaved/failed society never produced free and happy citizen.

Till date, nobody is ready to tell Nigerians the TRUTH, honest talk that we must sacrifice our everything. The FOUNDATION and key to better Nigeria are:

1. Free, Quality but Compulsory EDUCATION for every child in Nigeria

2. State Police

3. Effective and Harmonised Data Base

4. Effective National Emergency Number

5. Human Rights Enforcement & Rule of Law.

If these five(5) things can be fixed, which will form the foundation for every other things to rest on in Nigeria e.g 24hrs power supply, good medicare, credible elections, needed infrastructures etc.

NOTHING DELIVERED CAN BE MANAGED AND MAINTAINED without the above five ideas working well in Nigeria. Can we first put all our focus on these if we want to rebuild and restructure Nigeria. Think about it.”

Source; www.ghgossip.com

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