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Why Housemates Are Made to See Psychologist Before They Enter The House- Ebuka


Why Housemates Are Made to See Psychologist Before They Enter The House- Ebuka

The conversation began when Taymesan who has auditioned for Big Brother Naija twice in the past was talking with Ebuka about why he does not want to go on the show anymore. He said:

When I really wanted to go for Big Brother at the time, I thought it was my way out.

To which Ebuka responded:

That’s what most people who come on the show think. And that’s why unfortunately for a lot of people who leave the show and their expectation is not met, the dip is very very hard. You’re watching these housemates from a distance and you have a perception of what life is like for them.

When you go on Instagram, if they’re not posting an endorsement, they’re buying a car, they’re at an event, they’re at a party, they’re meeting a governor. So it just looks like “Wow, this is all they do just for going into a house for three months.” That’s what you think it is. But that shit is tough. I know the kind of conversations I’ve had with housemates. I know the kind of messages I’ve gotten from housemates. I know of some people who have never reached out to me but I’ve heard. It’s very very hard and a huge part of it is because there’s a certain belief.

Before they get on the show, they have a whole session with a psychologist before they come on. There’s a preparation for ‘you know you can go into this thing and this is what might happen’. At that point, you still believe “it can never be me. It must take a bad business person to go on this show and not make it.” That’s what everybody says. “Just give me one week.”

I have people who tell me “Ebuka I swear to God, one week is all I need.” What makes you different from all these other people? They say, “Who be Ozo? Wetin Ozo get wey him dey host Supersport?”. People say that a lot. They say “Wetin Bisola dey act? Forget!” I’m like, “No. It doesn’t work that way” because the industry will swallow you. Whole. And then you now want to be famous and broke which is the worst thing that can happen to anybody in this life.

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