Why Apple can finally double the storage of its cheapest phones

Why Apple can finally double the storage of its cheapest phones

Why Apple can finally double the storage of its cheapest phones

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The next iPhone might not be as dramatically different as many had hoped, but it might come with a feature that many have been asking for: more storage space.


That’s Joanna Stern’s report to The Wall Street Journal, who writes that Apple is going to change its mind and release the base model iPhone with 32GB of storage instead of 16GB. She also reports that we might get a 256GB iPhone model into the mix.

Apple has been resisting this kind of change for a little while, even as competitors like Samsung have opted to start their queues with double the storage space. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that Apple was still offering 8GB phones. thanks to the popularity of cloud services.

(Full disclosure: I have a 16GB iPhone and don’t hate it too much.)

But that only makes sense with a technology shift toward more video, richer messaging, and generally MORE focused on your smartphone as a whole. It’s high time to start offering more storage even for the base model.

That’s especially true if Apple continues to push the boundaries with its displays and also if it continues to encourage app developers to push the boundaries of what’s possible on a smartphone.

Apps will get bigger, especially if they need to support high-end screens, or if they need to expand the number of functions they integrate into the smartphone screen.

And the video will only intensify, especially if all the predictions about 360 video and virtual reality come true. Even photos are creeping into more and more aspects of how we use our phones, especially in messaging.

While it’s true that Apple is using this next version of the phone to pause before a really big change two years from now, it also makes sense that it would want to use this model to address some of the lingering complaints about phone storage. iPhone – as a way to entice its loyal customers looking to upgrade to take the leap with this model.

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