What’s next for fleas and the climate controversy

What’s next for fleas and the climate controversy

What's next for fleas and the climate controversy

The unavoidable

I’ve scoured the internet to find you today’s funniest/important/scariest/fascinating stories about technology.

1 How Ukraine tinkered with a messy, digitized army
He created a cheap version of systems that the Pentagon took decades (and billions of dollars) to develop. (WSJ$)
+ Ukraine says it has shot down nearly 500 drones since September. (The Guardian)

2 Sam Bankman-Fried Considers Pleading Not Guilty
The founder of FTX faces up to 115 years in prison if convicted of fraud and conspiracy. (Reuters)

3 China’s zero covid U-turn is worsening its social inequalities
Young people in rural areas are unlikely to recover from the disruption to their education. (FT$)
+ Other countries require Chinese visitors to produce negative covid tests. (voice)
+ China’s foreign minister praised the United States in a rare show of unity. ($Bloomberg)

4 tech startups had a terrible 2022
As it stands, 2023 isn’t looking much better. (WSJ$)
+ Workers laid off from big tech companies are looking to start their own business. (Reuters)
+ A look back at the biggest tech flops of the past 12 months. (voice)

5 Brazil’s far-right flourishes on Twitter
Just as the country’s new leftist president takes office. (Rest of the world)
+ We are witnessing the brain death of Twitter. (MIT Technology Review)

6China’s generative AI models are seriously problematic
Like their Western counterparts, the results are often inaccurate and offensive. (Tech Crunch)
+ How AI-generated text is poisoning the internet. (MIT Technology Review)

7The Earth is constantly creating its own kind of music
A small device helps seismologists tune into its rhythms. (NYT$)

8 The James Webb Space Telescope Revolutionized Astronomy
He was particularly adept at shedding light on the life cycles of stars. (The edge)
+ The US military plans to launch a constellation of satellites in March. (Atlantic $)
+ NASA searches for potentially deadly asteroids. (Reverse)
+ What’s next in space. (MIT Technology Review)

9 Your Attention Span May Not Be As Shattered As You Think
Getting distracted might actually be the productive break your brain craves. (The Guardian)
+ Why not start the new year without a smartphone? (Slate $)

10 You can blame your nose for that cold you can’t get rid of 👃
Colder temperatures make it harder to fight the nasty insects. (Wired $)

quote of the day

“It’s mostly scams and memes when you get down to it.”


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