What’s coming for the electric vehicle market in 2023? • TechCrunch

What’s coming for the electric vehicle market in 2023? • TechCrunch

What's coming for the electric vehicle market in 2023? • TechCrunch

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Greetings, readers. As haje and Christina told you last week, this week’s Daily Crunch will be a bit different, given that they both take a bit of time. But you’ll still get TC insights during this typically slow news week. I’ll also be sharing some of our favorite stories of the year from TC and TC+, so let’s get to it! — Neither Christine nor Haje

TechCrunch’s top 3

  • 2023 will be the year electric vehicles really start to take shape“Thanks to the political initiatives of governments and the billions of dollars of investments by car manufacturers, we can say with certainty that the electric vehicle industry has begun to take shape”, Rebecca written.
  • No “Next Twitter”, he says: Devin writes that it is perfectly acceptable that there is no replacement for the Twitter that some of us have come to know and struggle with: “The illusory choice to rush to The Next Twitter must be rejected. Twitter was more than a product: it was a moment in time, a raw manifestation of digital capabilities that, like any raw thing, destroyed as often as it created. It was necessary and interesting, but these messy delights have messy endings. Recreating it now, with only superficial lessons learned, would be like rebuilding a castle that fell on the same quicksand. Watch it sink!
  • “It’s all in the (lack of) details”: Zack and Carlyour friendly neighborhood cybersecurity reporters have taken a look at the most mishandled data breaches of the year.

Startups and VCs

  • In the wind turbine: Harris writes that robotics startup Aerones, which cleans and inspects wind turbines, has raised $39 million in funding from undisclosed investors.
  • Multifaceted fintech: Jakarta-based Akulaku has raised $200 million. The fintech, which also operates in the Philippines and Malaysia, offers a virtual credit card and installment payment platform, as well as an investment platform and a neobank, Katherine written.
  • A vision of money: Indian fintech Money View has raised $75 million in a new round to grow its credit business and create more products, pot holder written.

High-growth startups should start de-risking their IPOs now

Picture credits: Richard Drury (Opens in a new window) /Getty Pictures

It seems counterintuitive, but in this cold fundraising environment, early-stage startups need to consider going public.

“While some companies delay their IPOs, others can catch up and prepare for when the open market will want to invest again,” writes Carl Niedbala, COO and co-founder of trade insurance broker Founder Shield. .

In a detailed TC+ article, he examines why “sane companies take risk off their public lane”, which sectors are best positioned, and perhaps most notable, which benchmarks indicate “an IPO is in their future”.

Two more and a throwback:

  • Six trends in climate technology: More and more investors are looking to enter the climate tech space, and we have some ideas about where they will put their money, Tim reports.
  • Due Diligence FOMO: A few investors talk about how due diligence and investment practices have suffered a bit this year and how we can learn from the biggest mistakes. Dominique-Madori and Ron have more.
  • look back: Karan Bhasin covers what 10 investors thought of no-code/low-code startups in the first quarter of this year. We will be running a new no-code/low-code survey in Q1 2023, so if you are an investor interested in the space and would like to participate, contact us here.

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Big Tech, Inc.

  • Wrestling in India: Amazon and Uber were among a number of companies cited by research firm Fairwork India that create unfair working conditions for gig workers. pot holder see you.
  • Counterbalance: If what you’re looking for is a report on how you interact with your computer, Libra has you covered and might even help you develop healthy computing habits if that’s what you’re looking for in the New Year, Ivan written.
  • What’s coming for AI: Kyle also put on its prediction hat over the weekend to let us know what we can expect on the AI ​​front in 2023.


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