What is , Meaning of Propaganda

What is , Meaning of Propaganda

Propaganda is the action and effect of making something known. The information transmitted through propaganda aims to seduce potential buyers of a product or contractors of service. It can also be used to add followers to a cause or campaign or to deceive a larger audience from the truth.

The notion of propaganda is often used as a synonym for advertising. In this sense, propaganda can be broadcast on television, radio, graphic media, the Internet or even through posters on public roads. All companies that wish to publicize a product or service must develop advertisements to reach consumers.

Another use of the concept is associated with messages that are disseminated from a certain sector with the intention of exerting an influence on the values ​​or behavior of citizens. Propaganda involves a search for persuasion with political or ideological intent.

Political Propaganda

Hence the concept of political propaganda that, as its name suggests, is that which is carried out with the clear objective of getting the population to manifest itself in favour of a specific political party and the proposals and ideas that it disseminates. Hence, the set of actions that aim to get the support of the people is carried out basically during what is known as the election campaign, that is, before the elections.

Analyzing the History of the World, we find cases of propaganda that were very significant as would be the case of the so-called Nazi propaganda. This was carried out by the Nazi party during the period from Hitler’s arrival until World War II broke out.

An example of this type of propaganda usually takes place during wars or armed conflicts. The invader tends to develop propaganda actions in the invaded territory with the objective that the population ignores the resistance, expressing that it arrives in order to free the people, to overthrow the tyrants, etc.


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