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What is digital dating abuse? Here’s how to keep yourself safe in this situation


What is digital dating abuse? Here’s how to keep yourself safe in this situation

What is digital dating abuse? Here’s how to keep yourself safe in this situation

Digital dating abuse is when an abusive partner uses technology to abuse their partner. It can be through any form like social media profiles, messenger, etc. to harass, intimidate, stalk and insist on the partner to do something.

The abuser often pressurises them for sexting also which is also considered as digital dating abuse.

Dating should be fun and make you happy, but if you are getting threatened constantly digitally by your abusive partner, then you should rethink about dating that person.

So, here’s what you should know about digital dating abuse.

Signs of a digital dating abuser

You are dating one if your partner is doing the following:

1. Sends you excessive amount of text messages even when you are busy and demands a reply every time, otherwise will get angry.

2. Demands you to be available always to attend the calls and texts.

3. Often sends you intimidating, insulting and threatening messages and voice recordings.

4. Gets hooked on to all kinds of social media sites to keep a check on wherever you are going.

5. Pressurises you to install a GPS track app or share your location.


6. Controls you and tells you whom you can be friends with on social media.

7. Creates a fake account or hacks your profile to spy on you.

8. Insists you to share your profile password.

9. Makes fun of you on social media.

10. Insists you to share your phone password and checks your phone frequently to see your messages, emails, photos and all other private things.


How to stay safe?

You may consider this as possessiveness at the honeymoon phase of your relationship, but healthy bonding have boundaries and you also need to keep that in mind. You should set those boundaries at the starting of your relationship to stay safe from digital dating abuse. So, you can do the following:

1. Never share your password.

2. Be careful about putting check-ins on your social media profile.

3. Tell your friends to ask you before tagging on any picture.

4 .Be careful about sending any photos or videos on any social media platform.

5. Keep your phone and all the social media profiles safe as much as possible.


Initially, you can talk to your partner and set boundaries about these things if you feel unsafe. But if this kind of relationship threatens and intimidates you, then it is always advisable to seek professional help.

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