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What is a transactional relationship? Everything you need to know about it



What is a transactional relationship? Everything you need to know about it




Transactional relationships are a type of romantic relationship that involve business deals, exchange of properties, finances etc.

It is a relationship of convenience that also includes romantic interest. A business aspect is a necessary element in this kind of relationship.

Arranged marriages also have an aspect of transactional relationships in it as the prospect of financial background, community, society status etc. are kept in primary consideration, as compared to love.

Let’s understand a bit more about this kind of relationship.

1. Focusing on benefits

This is focused on business benefits more than love. Either one of the couples does the household work while the other is the breadwinner of the house. Someone or the other will gain monetary benefits from this but be rest assured, both the partners’ needs are fulfilled.

2. Dealing with expectations

A transactional relationship will definitely have both the partners expecting something from each other in return for the alliance. The expectations are clearly defined in this case and there’s no blurry line in between. However, there are many chances of being disappointed because one may not meet up to expectations.

3. Scores

Since these relationships involve give and take, both the partners like to keep a score of who gets how much out of the relationship. It is more about how much one is getting out of the relationship as promised. The husband or wife mainly focuses on the fact about how much financial security they are getting in the marriage.

4. Pre-nuptial agreements

Such kinds of relationships or marriages have a pre-nuptial agreement in place that specifies the terms and conditions of being in the marriage. There are also aspects that cover the possibility of not meeting up to the terms. This is mainly seen among business leaders.

5. There’s love involved too

When conditions and expectations are met from both sides, love also gets in the game. Both the partners start loving each other amidst all the other circumstances.

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