Weight loss: 5 ways to check if your diet is working well for you


Weight loss: 5 ways to check if your diet is working well for you

Weight loss: 5 ways to check if your diet is working well for you

As beneficial as diets like the Ketogenic diet and Intermittent Fasting could be (or a high-protein, zero sugar one), following a diet when you are trying to lose weight requires a lot of discipline.

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The results never come up fast, and many a time, it could happen that the diet could throw you a curveball and not really work well for you, making it further difficult to see an actual drop in weight, despite doing everything and foregoing sinful foods!

Hence, not only does it remain important to actually follow a diet that suits your needs and the lifestyle the best,

But it’s also important to keep tracking progress, check if the diet is actually working for you to help you achieve your goals.

In case you are wondering, we tell you 5 brilliant ways to check if your diet is working for you!

1. You feel full and satisfied after having your meals

When we consume food, our gut signals the brain about achieving satiation- only when you are consuming the right quality of foods though. With any diet, hence it’s good to consider the type of foods you eat, and any nutrients or food groups it devoids you of.

With a good nutritional plan, chances are, you will be achieving satiation earlier, and do not feel the need to mindlessly eat, or feel deprived of something. Choosing fresh foods, having fewer processed meals and eating at scheduled times will benefit your gut health as well as metabolism.

2. You have more energy than usual

Apart from regular workouts, the one thing that adds strength and charges you up is the food you eat. With a good diet that helps you lose weight, you will be able to see a drastic difference in your overall energy levels, mood and feel recharged. Improved metabolism and added energy will also help you perform better when you work out, burn fat and most importantly, feel less stressed or lethargic. Hence, do check if the diet that you are following makes you more energetic or sluggish than usual, in the long run.

3. You tend to sleep better

Certain diets, including Intermittent Fasting, tend to seldom cause nutritional deficiencies which can also throw your sleep cycle off the whack. Therefore, ensuring your sleep is not disrupted is a good marker to measure the impact of a good diet for weight loss. If you do not sleep well, feel hungry around bedtimes, or even during sleep, chances are that you may end up eating out of schedule, disturb hormonal equations as well. When you don’t sleep well, studies have also shown could possibly lead to reduced weight loss. Therefore, if you find a diet supporting your sleep cycles and keeping you fresh, stick to it.

4. Clothes start to fit you better than before

No matter what, noticing a difference in the way your clothing fits you remains an important marker of weight loss. Apart from healthy changes, a good diet will also reduce fat levels and make clothes fit you better than they previously did.

With an improved mood too, you will have a better mood and self-esteem to keep up with your goals.

5. It feels more like a lifestyle, and not just a temporary diet to you

Lastly, the diet that you do choose should be a holistic choice, rather than just a temporary fad you follow. Chances are, if you are following a diet that not just promotes weight loss but also instils good diet practices and changes, the diet will not just be a diet but a lifestyle change altogether which doesn’t feel like a chore but a good habit. As you progress, you will levitate towards making healthier swaps, opting for more nutritionally rich products and follow diet rules diligently.

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