WATCH: xQc’s ‘Gambling’ Pays Off as He Takes Home $1 Million



WATCH: xQc’s ‘Gambling’ Pays Off as He Takes Home $1 Million

French-Canadian Twitch variety streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel had previously discovered a new meta on the streaming platform. He started gambling on his live stream to amuse his fans will all the real and fake money he won. However, after massive backlash from the community, the popular streamer shifted his gambling hobbies offline.



xQc was recently playing ‘Dog House’ slots with some of his fellow streamers. While he wasn’t the one streaming, TrainwrecksTV broadcasted his rolls on his Twitch stream. While Félix had some poor luck in his initial rolls, he ended up winning a massive sum after his ‘gambling’ paid off.

xQc still hasn’t lost his touch in gambling

In his first few spins, xQc had a stroke of very slow luck. Even after over a dozen spins, he couldn’t even manage to rake in $100K. The Twitch streamer only made a meager sum of $93K and was extremely disappointed. However, it was his second round of rolls when the money started piling up.


Over halfway through his spins, Félix only managed to cross the $50K mark in earnings. However, this is when the bonus started piling up, and his luck changed. xQc managed to acquire tons of score multipliers over his slot board. Moreover, he also got amazing rolls which added up to huge returns.

Félix had just over $220K in winnings with only 3 spins remaining. That’s where he hit the jackpot and raked in over $333K in his third-last spin. He also managed to win over $250k in his second last spin, taking his total winnings close to $1 million.

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Félix advises fans not to gamble if they have troubles

xQc missed the opportunity to show off his massive winnings on his live stream. However, he clipped the moment from Train’s stream and uploaded a YouTube video of the incident. He kept in mind the effect his video could have on the viewers, especially those who are below the age of majority of have troubles with gambling.

This video is for entertainment only and intended for 18+. If you have troubles with gambling, please seek help. Remember that the odds are with the Casinos, so know your limit and don’t gamble what you cannot afford to lose. If you think you may have a problem, visit in the USA or look up your local branch.

The credit and his winnings are both in fake currency and hardly involve any real money. Therefore, fans shouldn’t take it seriously and not get encouraged to take part in any sort of gambling.

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