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Watch: William Shatner Mocks Mike Tyson’s Tattoo in a Hilarious Video


Watch: William Shatner Mocks Mike Tyson’s Tattoo in a Hilarious Video

Not everyone dares to taunt Mike Tyson, especially about his loved possessions. However, Canadian actor William Shatner could do it in fashion, that too in front of ‘Iron’ Mike. Nevertheless, it’s was a friendly clip, a product-paid promotion, where the boxer and the actor shared a healthy interaction. The video has already sent the combat world into a frenzy.

Mike Tyson’s facial tattoo is one of the most iconic symbols in the entertainment world, with sheer popularity amongst boxing and cinema fans. Hence, Shatner didn’t hesitate to put it on his face and sit for a chat with Tyson. Besides, he pretended the tattoo to be his original concept and the heavyweight elite just kept replying to Shatner.

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Shatner- “Micheal, I wanna talk to you about tattoos. I got one too. Can you tell?.”

Tyson- “Yes I do”

Shatner- “Do you like it?”

Tyson- “I love it.”

Shatner- “Does it look like yours?”

Tyson- “I think it has quite similarities”

The celebrity pair even discussed a few things about boxing. 54-year-old Mike Tyson claimed to have found a desire for getting back in action. Hence, Tyson clarified that he is still hungry, loves to fight, and wants to take over the world. He recently fought Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition bout in November 2020. Following its sheer success, we can see a few more fights coming from ‘The Baddest Man on The Planet’.

Amid all, Tyson and Shatner’s iconic chat on the facial tattoo became the show-stealer. But this isn’t the first time when Tyson’s tattoos have found a way to the global audience. It has been quite a frequent instance for the youngest heavyweight world champion now.

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Mike Tyson and his face tattoos

Hollywood movie Hangover featured Mike Tyson in a cameo, which was a blockbuster in the box office. Actor Ed Helms, who played the role of Stu, imprinted Tyson’s tattoo on his face. It later became a massive part o the movie and fans seemed happy to catch a glimpse of Mike Tyson. That said, Tyson also landed a punch on actor Zach Galifianakis in the plot.

Despite retiring from the sport, Tyson has always remained a global celebrity. Even today, he runs his own podcast and has several business ventures that grab enough attention for the ex-heavyweight champion. So, Tyson continues to enjoy the stardom wholeheartedly.

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