WATCH: Suns’ Devin Booker Left with Bloodied Face after Clash with Clippers’ Patrick Beverley


WATCH: Suns’ Devin Booker Left with Bloodied Face after Clash with Clippers’ Patrick Beverley

The Phoenix Suns were 9-2 in the playoffs 2021 when they faced the Clippers in Game 2 of WCF. They took the first quarter in style as the visitors could not do anything about the ravishing De’Andre Ayton and the mind-blowing Cameroon Payne. 

For the Clippers, it was the same duo of Paul George and Reggie Jackson that came handy in the beginning. It looked like a nasty fist-fight between the two Pacific Division teams that were both playing in the absence of their leaders. However, that fight saw a ‘literal’ meaning when something rather scary happened.

Phoenix Suns’ Devin Booker with a bloody injury against the Clippers

In the beginning of third quarter, the Suns suddenly jumped to a quick nine point lead and pushed the Clippers off the rail. Later, with under four minutes remaining in Q3, the game desparation hit another level with an unintended collision. With Suns leading 69-62 and Devin Booker in possession, Clippers’ Patrick Beverley collided into Booker and smashed his noes. A moment later, it was Devin lying on the floor with blood all over his face as Patrick emphasised that it was the Suns star who got the sequence wrong.

Devin Booker anyway had a very poor start and then ended up with this scary incident. He was 3/10 and had 5 early turnovers to begin the game as the star relied on his teammates to chip in. However, the good news was he rejoined after going to the locker for quick fix to his injured upper nose.

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What were the other events that stood out?

For one, it was the unforgiving Phoenix crowd chanting “ref you s**k” after a block call on Jae Crowder. Secondly, both Suns forwards in Mikal Bridges and Jae Crowder went scoreless in the first half, allowing the Clippers to bounce back. But one thing that Crowder did well was throwing down a long-range pass towards De’Andre Ayton that became the highlight. The #22 center caught the ball in the air and converted an insane alley-oop dunk over Ivica Zubac.

Although the Clips were quick to respond with Ivica’s double-double and Reggie’s efficient shotmaking, PG’s struggle kept them low. So whom were you supporting tonight? Help us know in the comments.

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