WATCH: Shopper threatens protesters outside Clicks with gun



WATCH: Shopper threatens protesters outside Clicks with gun

blankThree people were taking out of Walmer Park Shopping Centre in Port Elizabeth on Tuesday by the Police.



This was after an argument ensued that led a 52-year-old woman to pull out a gun and point it at protesters outside the Clicks store.

The protesters are EFF members that are angered by the racial advert Clicks published on its website.

The altercation was recorded by a shopper who did not disclose her identity.

Watch video below:

A small group of protesters, a grey-haired woman and her elderly shopping companion are seen with four security guards standing between them at the beginning of the video.

The cause of the argument was unclear but as anger kept building up, a woman could be heard shouting “go back to Europe.”

The grey-haired woman’s voice was not clear but as soon as she said something to the protesters, a woman shouted “take out your gun, take out your gun.”

The 52-year-old woman brought out her gun out of her pink body-warmer and points it directly at the protesters but the security guards blocked her.

A man and a woman are heard saying “shoot, shoot.”

The three people were taking away from the parking lot after the argument kept going on.

Police spokesperson Captain Sandra Janse van Rensburg said “Walmer police responded to a complaint at Clicks Walmer Park.”

“It appeared a 52-year-old female was involved in an altercation with EFF supporters at the entrance to the Clicks store.”

“Police subsequently removed the individuals involved in the altercation and transported them to Walmer police station. The parties all declined to lay charges.”

“No arrests were made and no cases are being investigated in the absence of complaints”.


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