Wanitwa Mos Meaning, Owner & Artists

Wanitwa Mos Meaning, Owner & Artists

On the morning of August 12, 2021, South African music producer Master KG announced on Twitter that he’d founded a new record label named Wanitwa Mos Entertainment. He added that he has big dreams and encouraged his fans to follow him for more information.

It was a move that was expected in some quarters and unexpected in others. First off, it’s almost a tradition for artists these days to establish record labels of their own after achieving a measure of success on the music scene.

And that was precisely Master KG. Before the sounding of the record label, he had released several songs, but it wasn’t until he released “Jerusalema” that he achieved international renown. The success of that song alone, his most significant to date, empowered him to take the leaps into owning a record label.

Interestingly, the record label hasn’t had much activity since its founding. Master KG had dismissed claims that he was exiting Open Mic Productions when he founded the label. Instead, he indicated they would exist side by side and that he remains with Open Mic.

Here are other details you might want to know about Wanitwa Mos.

Wanitwa Mos Meaning

Suppose you’re not a Zulu or Swahili speaker and have been wondering what “Wanitwa Mos” means. You are not alone. There are many people with similar questions, which we answer below.

In response to a fan who had asked the meaning of the phrase, Master KG had responded that it simply means “you hear me.” In other words, it’s an avenue through which his fans would hear from him musically.

Wanitwa Mos Entertainment Owner

The South African singer and record producer Kgaogelo Moagi, famously known as Master KG, is the founder of the record label. He founded the brand in 2021 after a couple of years as a signee at Open Mic Productions.

He was born in Tzaneen, South Africa, 26 years ago. However, his interest in muso dates back to when he was much younger. He’d pursued that passion assiduously, eventually becoming one of the most-streamed musicians in South Africa.

Wanitwa Mos Entertainment Artists

What impact would a record label have if it had no artists signed to it? By default, Master KG is the first artist signed to Wanitwa Mos as a musician and owner of the label.

In the month he established the record label, the music producer promptly signed his friend and associate DJ Ngwazi as the “first” artist. The two artists have a long working relationship. So the signing wasn’t surprising.

There’s no record of another signing since then.

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