vivo V27 for review

vivo V27 for review

vivo V27 for review

The vivo V27 is the latest device to arrive at our office this week, so while it patiently waits for its review to begin, we’ll do a quick unboxing.

The V27 comes with a powerful 80W charger, USB cable and case, making it a solid package.

We have the Emerald Green vivo V27, which uses the Emerald Glass processing technique. Like vivo’s Fluorite AG glass designs, Emerald glass will also change color when exposed to UV light.

Before being exposed to UV, the phone is a light green that fades to a deeper hue at the bottom of its rear panel. After exposure to UV light it becomes a much deeper and bluer shade. It’s hard to get photographed, but it’s a really eye-catching design. There is a texture under the smooth glass finish that we would describe as marble.

Different shades of blue

Different shades of blue

Different shades of blue

The vivo V27 has a large 6.78-inch 120Hz AMOLED display on the front which is very bright and vivid. It’s among the best displays we’ve seen. It’s surrounded by thin bezels on all sides, and the glass on top tapers towards the edges for a curved look.

When it comes to big phones, the vivo V27 is svelte – it’s slim at 7.4mm and light at just 180g. vivo still managed to pack a 4,600mAh battery into that slender body.

The 50MP main camera is a big highlight of the V27. It features Real-Time Extreme Night Vision and Super Night Mode, as well as Vivo’s Low-Light Portrait Mode and Aura Light Portrait for bright, accented subjects.

Vivo V27 for review

As you can probably tell by the frequency of these articles, our review queue is quite long at this point, so please try to be patient.


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