Usain Bolt Wants a Collaboration With Drake, Jay Z, and DJ Khaled


Usain Bolt Wants a Collaboration With Drake, Jay Z, and DJ Khaled

While many sportspersons choose to look back on a long and tiresome career on retirement,  believing that their best days are behind them, Usain Bolt seems to be living a new life even day. The eight-time Olympic Gold Medallist has moved far past just a name as an athlete and explores the different kinds of opportunities out there freely. 


After his early retirement in 2017 at just about 31 years of age, Bolt decided to pursue a career in professional soccer. Although it could have gone a lot better, he did enjoy his hand in that endeavor and had a memorable experience. 


Retiring from soccer, he has now decided to move into the world of music. While many athletes are known to have side-career aside from their sport, Bolt believes that he now has the time to dedicate more to his venture. 

In fact, he has higher hopes than you may think. Speaking on a live Olympics interview, the Jamaican revealed his dream to work with three of the world’s most popular artists.


“For me, DJ Khaled is what I aim to be. I mean, I follow him and I see his energy and the work he puts in,” Bolt said. “Drake. Anything he touches is gold and for me, I enjoy listening to Jay Z. So for me, those three people together would be something big.” 

“It’s all about networking right now. I just started out but we meet a lot of people who do different things. So for me we’ll see what happens. I feel it’s gonna be big. It’s just a matter of time,” he said.

Usain Bolt aims at conquering the international charts

Bolt hasn’t tried out his vocal skills yet but has contributed to the musical aspect of his tracks by handling the beats. He aims to lead the charts in Jamaica and hopefully the international one soon. 

“We’re just trying to get a foothold, trying to make people understand that we’re not just here joking around,” he said, in an earlier interview with Zip 103. “We’re serious about the music so we’re just going to take our time. Just like in track and field, it’s all about work and dedicating and just taking our time.”

We may see Usain Bolt storm through the music charts as he did on the track soon. Besides, no fan wouldn’t enjoy seeing a collaboration between him, Jay Z, DJ Khaled, and Drake.

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