USA Vs. Nigeria Women’s World Cup Football Match

USA Vs. Nigeria Women’s World Cup Football Match


Nigeria vs. USA WWC Showdown

Women’s football tournaments have been gaining increasing exposure in recent years, none more so than the U-17 WWC, which is home to the latest and greatest young players honing their craft for their national teams. This year has seen a record-breaking fixture between Nigeria and the USA. But why is the game so historical, and what happened on the pitch?

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History in the Making

This game was a history-making event in more ways than one. For starters, this 2022 match-up is the first ever time that Nigeria and the USA have met on the field in the history of the U-17 WWC tournament. This year has also seen the Nigerian team’s finest-ever performance since the first entering the tournament in New Zealand way back in 2008. As a result of their subsequent victory on the pitch – 2022 is the first year that any Nigerian team has qualified for the semi-finals of the U-17 WWC.

Pre-Match Odds

There’s no denying that there was a clear divide in odds before the game. The Nigerian team was largely written off as an underdog team ahead of the match. As the Group A champions, the American team had previously achieved a barnstorming victory of 8-0 against India, scoring five goals by halftime. Following a subsequent 1-1 draw with the formidable Brazilian team, the USA team was set to win the match against Nigeria. The USA was a clear favourite at physical bookmakers and online gambling sites across the world, including those serving punters in South Africa. This makes the game’s result even more unexpected, exciting, and potentially lucrative – depending on where you placed your money, that is! Being a nation that appreciates good football, you can expect nothing less than greatness from online casinos in South Africa. You can easily decide if you see the rankings on the best SA online casinos. Always go with a reputable casino operator before playing for real money online. If nothing else, you can continue to follow the teams and predictions for the upcoming championship.


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Lineups and Step-by-Step Action

The USA’s starting lineup consisted of Amaral, King, Emri, Roller, Thompson, Jackson, Marthino, Sanchez, Kiorpes, Villarreal, and Gamero. Nigeria’s starting lineup consisted of Omilana, Usani, Folorunsho, Oyinlola, Edafe, Adeshina, Afolabi, Emmanuel, Mosaku, Bello, and Ajakaye. For those who missed the game, let’s take a closer look at the action as it unfolded step by step:

  • Instant Attack: The game started off with a bang, with the USA’s Ella Sanchez making a notable attempt at a goal within 40 seconds of the first whistle. The Nigerian team started as they meant to go on with a solid display of defensive strength.
  • Nigerian Response: The Nigerian team responded with their first attempt at the US goal just under 4 minutes in – Adeshina’s shot flew way above the crossbar. Five minutes later, the USA’s Jackson made an ambitious shot for the Nigerian goal, which narrowly missed the bottom-left corner.
  • American Onslaught: Entering the 15th minute, Sanchez continued the American barrage by feeding the ball to Villarreal, whose attacking shot landed just to the left post of the goal. Just minutes later, a close-contact attempt at a goal from Gamero was comfortably intercepted by Nigerian goalkeeper Omilana, despite a bounce from the gloves.
  • The Tide Turns: The USA’s aggressive, physical style of play backfired in the 22nd minute when Ella Emri fouled Nigeria’s, Amina Bello. Nigeria’s luck changed when referee Iuliana Demetrescu granted a penalty in their favour.
  • First Blood: For the first time in the match, Nigerian fans are awarded a serious chance at scoring a goal. Omamuzo Edafe steps up to the plate with a strong, precise penalty kick that barrels low into the right-hand side of the net. The USA’s keeper Valentina Amaral is sent diving in the opposite direction – it’s a goal!
  • Marthino Applies Pressure: Feeling the sting, the USA continued to apply pressure and look for weak links in the chain. Lauren Marthino made her first solid shot for goal, which pinballed around the Nigerian defence area before ricocheting away from the area. Shortly after her first attempt, Marthino managed to salvage another shot from the ruins of a melee in the box, which glanced off the right-hand post – if this had been struck with more force, it could have been an equaliser.
  • USA Equaliser: Informed by the momentum of Marthino’s two attempts, the American team pushed forward once again. In the 39th minute, Villarreal hammered home a shot that glanced off Nigeria’s Folorunsho to end up in the bottom left-hand corner of the goal. The equaliser! The score now stands at 1-1.
  • Offensive Strikes: The Americans attempted to double-down on their first goal with a decisive strike from Gamero, which sailed just east of the right-hand post. Villarreal returned with a second on-goal attempt which the Nigerian keeper scooped up in the 60th minute.
  • Gamero’s Attempts: As the clock started to count down to the 90th minute, both teams started to pick up the pace. The Nigerian team continued to defend well against the US onslaught, while American players seemed to become more frenzied in their attacks. Gamero launches an ambitious attempt that sails way above target, making a second on-target attempt that’s narrowly deflected in the 83rd minute.
  • Draw and Penalties Announced: Just before extra time and with a draw impending, the Nigerian keeper is substituted for the number 16, Chikamso Jiwuaku. As a 1-1 draw is announced, each team chooses its penalty-takers for the next round.
  • Penalty Shootout: USA sub-Emeri Adames stepped forward for the first penalty, which she put convincingly in the bottom left-hand corner of the net. Nigerian sub-Edidiong Etim responded in turn with a barnstorming shot fired into the top left. Ella Emri’s second attempt for the USA sailed way off-target, opening up a chance for the Nigerians to gain the advantage in the shootout. Super-sub Offiong succeeded in converting Nigeria’s second penalty, making the score 2-1. Taylor Suarez made good off the bench with a 2-2 equaliser for the American team before Nigeria’s Usani upped the ante with a 3-2 penalty after a false start. Mia Bhuta scored an equaliser for the USA before Folorunsho missed a crucial gain-maker, increasing the tension in the stadium. Jackson’s attempt at victory was thwarted by keeper Jiwuaku, who intercepted the ball’s trajectory to the centre of the net. This opened up the win for Nigeria with one final penalty, which was hammered home by Edafe.
  • Victory for Nigeria!: This year’s crop are now the first-ever Nigerian u-17 team to reach the semi-final stage. While Nigeria was beaten by Colombia 5-6 in penalties in a cruel twist of fate, the future’s bright for fans of Nigerian football. Here’s to next time!

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