Upgrade your OnePlus with this beautiful mechanical keyboard

Upgrade your OnePlus with this beautiful mechanical keyboard

Upgrade your OnePlus with this beautiful mechanical keyboard

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OnePlus is expanding beyond phones and mobile accessories such as the new OnePlus 11 And OnePlus Buds Pro 2 in… mechanical keyboards? The upcoming OnePlus with 81 Pro keyboard may not be the most direct extension of the company’s existing products – the announcement of its first Android tablet, the OnePlus tablet is a more logical fit. But it was created with feedback from OnePlus fans and designed to match the high-end style of its other devices.

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OnePlus co-designed the keyboard with Keychron, a company well known to mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. (Keychron currently has a Kickstarter campaign for its latest wireless model, the Q1 Pro, which has the same layout as the 81 Pro.) The collaboration is the reason for the clunky name. The Keyboard 81 Pro is the first product released from the OnePlus Avec co-creation platform. And based on the ad, the 81 Pro looks like a balanced mix of both brands.

The 81 Pro Wireless Keyboard has a CNC aluminum body with a specialized double seal which, on other Keychron keyboards I’ve used, dampens any ping and eliminates any dip. Instead, you get a pleasant feeling from pressing each key.

You’ll have a choice of red or blue linear click switches, but they’re hot-swappable so you can customize your typing experience with other switches. The switches are topped with unique purple marble keycaps made from a thermoplastic material that OnePlus says produces “a soft bounce with every press for ultimate comfort, enhanced hand feel, and optimal durability.”

The keyboard can be used wirelessly via Bluetooth or wired via a rear USB port.


There is a crystal-clear customizable button in the upper right corner of the keyboard. Hit the red escape key and turn the knob and you’ll be able to turn off notifications, just like the alert slider on OnePlus’ premium phones. The keyboard also works with open source QMK and VIA firmware to remap keys or create macros. Additionally, the backlight can be changed to multiple RGB lighting effects. A switch on the back lets you switch between macOS or Windows keyboard layouts, and the keyboard can also be used with Linux and Android.

The keyboard can be placed vertically to take up less desk space when not in use.


Pricing and availability for the OnePlus Feature Keyboard 81 Pro will be available in the coming weeks. However, Keychron is fully assembled Q1 Pro is available on Kickstarter for just under $200 and is expected to ship in April. Do whatever you want with it.


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