Unusual technology that emerged at CES 2023

Unusual technology that emerged at CES 2023

Unusual technology that emerged at CES 2023

All of the gadgets announced at the Consumer Electronics Show this year aren’t just solving business problems. Some of the new technologies help people have fun, keep track of things, or improve their personal spaces.

Here’s a roundup of three new items that tick those boxes. We found this emerging technology intriguing, and you might be wondering why someone didn’t think of it sooner.

Verge Motorcycles launches high performance model

A highly anticipated new line of electric motorcycles from Verge Motorcycles is now available for preliminary reservations in the United States. The company said it will begin sales in select states in 2023.

By making an advance reservation, fans can indicate their interest in being contacted when sales of the long-awaited electric motorcycles begin in the United States. Verge announced the start of mass production of its other models, the Verge TS and Verge TS Pro, for select European markets in November. Here is their branded clip “Introducing Verge TS Pro – The Electric Superbike”.

The new Verge TS Ultra model (pictured above) is one of the most advanced electric motorcycles. Verge is known for its unique design and innovative integration of the rim motor inside the rear wheel. This pioneering technology enables a larger battery, longer range and stunning performance. Additionally, the center of gravity is lower, providing a better riding experience than traditional electric motorcycles.

“We see a lot of potential in the market, and the expectation [by] bike enthusiasts will soon be rewarded with even more powerful and futuristic electric motorcycles,” said Tuomo Lehtimäki, CEO of Verge Motorcycles.

Verge TS Ultra is a high performance model designed from the ground up with an electric drive in mind. The Verge TS and Verge TS Pro models already represent an innovation. The performance of the new Ultra model is outstanding, with a range of up to 233 miles and a quick 25-minute charge time. With its 201 horsepower, the bike accelerates from zero to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds.

Commercial smart tag tracking device

Pod Group, a Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) company and the world’s leading Enterprise Network Operator (ENO), in partnership with Sodaq and Lufthansa Industry Solutions (LHIND), announced on Tuesday the launch of a paper-thin tracking in the form of a smart tag.

The device could revolutionize the logistics industry by enabling the tracking of small and light items. According to the company, this capability was previously not possible with traditional tracking devices.

“Smart mobile devices will play an increasing role in digital transformation across all industries. Due to its unique form factor and technology, the smart tag enables a range of new use cases,” said Ingo Pietruska, Vice President of Business Development at LHIND.

The smart tag uses low-power cellular connectivity (LTE CAT-M) to send device location and temperature data to a centralized dashboard, allowing logistics companies to track valuable goods .

The packaging can be as small and light as an envelope containing important documents or as large as a life-size oil painting. The LEAP platform provided by LHIND enables geofences with notifications that can be configured to alert the user when the package enters or leaves strategic points along the supply chain.

The printed battery keeps the label as light as possible, while the use of low-power connectivity ensures that battery life is optimized and can last up to six months. The tag can be used multiple times, depending on the frequency of transmission. The alkaline battery is also more environmentally friendly than traditional lithium batteries and the materials used are recyclable.

“With the smart tag, companies with complex supply chains can track their goods efficiently, reducing spoilage and theft. State-of-the-art, low-power cellular communication technology can now reliably send near real-time location, temperature and shock alerts from an ultra-thin, recyclable device,” said Ollie Smeenk, co-CEO of IoT hardware company Sodaq. .

AI-powered custom air reformer solutions

Airosphera, a new company powered by Airovation Technologies, showcased a game-changing product and concept at CES 2023: Custom Air Reforming.

The AI-driven air reformer solution personalizes a variety of environments for well-being and performance at home, work, and other indoor spaces. Airosphera is collaborating with leading brands in home appliances, air purification and other relevant markets to integrate its technology and AI capabilities into its products in different ways and for multiple use scenarios.

The technology uses artificial intelligence, unique remote sensing capability and cloud processing to produce an all-in-one solution designed to create the optimal personal indoor environment customized for each user. Machine learning technology enables biosensing to continuously monitor actions such as heart rate, respiratory rate, and daily routine, all remotely.

In addition to the manually entered data, this creates personalized basic settings for an optimal breathing environment.

These air reforming products will set themselves apart in the market by activating air treatment, monitoring important vital parameters of the user and, with an accompanying app, instructing users on how to improve their environment, according to the founder and CEO of Airovation Technologies, Marat Maayan.

Air reformers also treat CO2 and treating particulate and microbiological pollutants in indoor spaces, thereby improving people’s productivity and well-being.

Airosphera Trio of Air Reforming Products

Airosphere product range

Airosphere Pro improves the air around users such as students and work professionals and helps them become aware of their vital signs and surroundings to help improve concentration, productivity and learning skills.

Airo is an air treatment device that reforms air quality for vitality, well-being and improved performance of users. It purifies the air of contaminants and captures CO2.

Airosphere Junior is an all-in-one air monitoring solution for babies, equipped with multi-sensors that measure and reflect the baby’s environment and conditions and treat the air to improve infant well-being.


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