Under Her Spell ( Part 5 ) – Romantic Story

Under Her Spell

Under Her Spell ( Part 5 ) – ( Read Full Story )  

A romantic story about a geeky brother and his cute little sister, that got started by her best friend and her strange hypnotic powers

Read ” Under Her Spell ( Part 5 ) ” Story Below: 


Suddenly she arched her back and tightened her legs around my waist. With a barely contained squeal, my sister began to convulse underneath me, hit by yet another overwhelming orgasm. The muscles inside her pussy were going crazy around my cock and she was moaning out so loud, I had to cover her mouth with mine, or else our parents would surely have heard us. Immediately her tongue shot into my mouth again and we kissed feverishly throughout her climax.

Having cum only minutes before I first penetrated her, I was able to fuck my little sister for a fairly long time and in a couple of different positions before I came. She was on her hands and knees and I was fucking her doggy style when it happened. My hands were on her hips and I was slamming against her ass when I felt my balls draw tight. Though my body was telling me that a massive orgasm was imminent, the idea of pulling out didn’t even cross my mind. I kept fucking Anna as hard as I could until moments later, I felt that first wave of cum shoot up my shaft and exploded into my sister’s pussy.

“Oh God, Anna, I’m cumming!” I grunted as I slammed into her again.

Upon hearing this, she pushed her ass back at me and tilted her hips, moving instinctively to allow me to ejaculate as deep inside her as possible. Eight, nine times more my balls contracted, and each time I added another splash of cum, directly against her cervix. When I had given her all I had, my cock finally wilted and slipped from her pussy. Following my cock, a flood of creamy sperm, pearly white and streaked with red, gushed out from her distended vagina.

She turned around and took my cock in her mouth. Like before, she cleaned my entire shaft with her tongue and licked up every trace of sperm until it was absolutely spotless. Also like before, her warm, sucking mouth quickly breathed new life into my wilted penis.

I rolled Anna on her back and once more I climbed on top of her. This time my cock had no difficulty sinking all the way into her tight canal. Once I had fully penetrated her, we started moving again. This second time we made love was even better than the first. My primal need to breed my woman had been filled, and now I was able to take my time to make us both feel the best I could. I caressed and kissed every inch of her skin as I explored and got fully acquainted with my sister’s lovely body. This time I had made it my goal to learn as much about her body and what I could do to give her the most pleasure.

Over the next fifteen to twenty minutes we tried several new positions besides the few we’d already tried before, finally ending with her riding my cock like a cowgirl. Although I had enjoyed every position we had tried, this one was by far the most memorable. Not just because it was feeling amazingly good, but even more because I was looking at what must have been the most beautiful girl in the world.

In all my years, nothing had ever been more enticing to watch than my sweet little sister moving gracefully up and down in my lap like she was doing now. This afternoon I had made the shocking discovery that my baby sister had grown into a gorgeous young woman, and with each newly revealed part of her body, that conclusion had held up. However, seeing her ride my cock in this position was still simply unbelievable.

Her hair-fringed lips were tightly stretched around my shaft as it rapidly moved in and out of her well-oiled pussy. My cock itself was coated in a glossy sheen of our mixed juices that frothed around its base and produced soft squishy noises as we moved together. Only a glance away from this electrifying view was that of her sexy perky breasts. No less exciting, the orange-sized beauties were standing high on her chest and jumped up excitedly on her every down- and upstroke. The puckered-up nipples were begging to be sucked, something I was glad to do for her. Still better than either of those views was that of her angelic face. I could see the joy and sexual gratification in her eyes and in the smile on her lips, telling me she was loving it as much as I did.

Though I wouldn’t have minded staying like that forever, it wasn’t long before I felt that I was going to cum again soon. Upon hearing my warning, Anna stopped moving her hips, lay down and pulled me on top of her. She wanted to be in a missionary position when I came, allowing me to pump another load of cum deep inside her thirsty pussy. This time, when I came, it also triggered another orgasm inside her.

Exhausted after three powerful orgasms, I rolled off my sister and let my head drop on the pillow. Anna rolled over and nuzzled my neck, planting soft kisses behind my ear.

“I love you baby” she whispered.

“I love you too Anna” I said back, almost without thinking.

“I’m glad you were my first.”

“Yeah, me too.”

I nodded and yawned. Fucking was tiring work. Although I wasn’t against cuddling with my sexy little sister, I was just too tired. I closed my eyes and I was gone instantly.

As I woke up early next morning, Anna was still in my bed, sleeping peacefully in my arms. She had an arm draped across my chest and a leg hooked around mine. I could feel a firm little breast press against my arm and her silky pubes on my leg.

It was a strange awakening, but then it all came back; how I had intended just to mess with her a little, have another look at those perky breasts, and maybe see or feel her pussy. I remembered how everything rushed out of control and we ended up in my bed, fucking like lovers. It was difficult believing that making love with my sister had been so fulfilling, both physically and emotionally. Then, as I recalled falling asleep in her arms, a few words came to my mind, her last words before I passed out.

“I’m glad you were my first.”

With a shock I realized that Anna had been a virgin. I suddenly realized the gravity of what I had really done. Not only had I taken advantage of my sweet little sister in the most terrible way, I had taken from her her most precious gift; her virginity. Compounding this notion were the new and confusing emotions I was feeling towards her. The longer I lay there, the more I started to hate myself for what I had done. I knew I had fucked up big time, and could only hope she wouldn’t resent me for it.





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