Under Her Spell ( Part 4 ) – Romantic Story

Under Her Spell

Under Her Spell ( Part 4 ) – ( Read Full Story )  

A romantic story about a geeky brother and his cute little sister, that got started by her best friend and her strange hypnotic powers

Read ” Under Her Spell ( Part 4 ) ” Story Below: 

Almost immediately Anna’s body started bucking in a series of contractions so powerful, they lifted her butt over a foot off the bed. With each contraction I felt the muscles in her pussy squeeze my fingers and gush out hot juices over my hand. It was amazing to see how intense a female orgasm could be, and how long it lasted. Over a minute later, she was still shivering and small tremors still squeezed my fingers.

I was quite pleased with the result of my handiwork. Playing with my little sister like this was much more rewarding than it had been earlier, and I knew that more pleasure was still waiting for us both. Nothing on earth was going to stop me from fucking her now. But before I would sink my cock into Anna’s delicious pussy, there was something else I wanted to do with it, and I had to do it before I got my cum all over it.

I tentatively moved closer, until my face was mere inches away from my sister’s vagina. This close I could feel its heat and inhaled the heady scent that emanated from it. I had heard lots of horror stories about eating pussy, with scents and flavors that ranged from rotting fish to pee and sweat, but Anna’s intimate perfume was nothing like that. She smelled a bit musky, but fresh from a recent shower, and very arousing. If my cock hadn’t been as hard as concrete already, it would have been after one whiff of her fragrant sex. I dove in, and was pleasantly surprised by a slightly sweet and tangy taste. I licked her again and then once more. Anna moaned softly and tilted her hips to grand me even better access to her tasty slit.

The longer I ate her pussy, the more I learned which things Anna liked best. It wasn’t long before my tongue found the little pink nub hidden underneath the little cowl atop her slit, and when I closed my lips around it and tickled it with my tongue, I knew I had struck gold. She grabbed my head with both hands and made sure my mouth did not leave that special place. Knowing I was on the right track, I gently sucked on her little clit, and she came almost immediately. Her legs clamped around my head and her pussy gushed more of her tangy juices as a strong orgasm made her body shake and shiver.

I kept licking and sucking throughout her entire orgasm, and did not stop until I had repeated the feat two more times in succession. Finally she pushed me away from her pussy, which had become too sensitive after the intense string of climaxes. By then, I had one thing left on my mind. My cock felt like it was about to explode, and there was only one place I would allow that to happen. Luckily, my sister was sharing that sentiment.

“Please fuck me, Ben.” she panted. “I’ll die if I don’t get your cock inside me!”

Anna’s entire body had a rosy flush and was covered in tiny beads of sweat. She was out of breath, but horny as hell and eager to fuck. I knew she was only acting out the suggestion I had planted into her brain earlier, but I had stopped caring long ago. I moved my body on top of my sister’s, so that my hips were resting between her wide open legs. Delirious with lust, I grabbed my cock and stabbed it at her pussy. At first Anna’s body seemed to resist penetration, but as my cock found its mark, she surrendered and I slid partway into her extremely tight pussy. My little sister whimpered a pained moan. I had not meant to hurt her and I lay still for a moment.

“Did I hurt you?” I asked.

“It’s so big… It did hurt a little, but it doesn’t anymore” she said, trying to sound convincing.

I pushed a little and another inch slid inside her, followed by another moan. She was doing her best to hide it, but with every push, she was feeling more discomfort. I decided not to push any deeper, although I had about two more inches of cock to go, and slowly pulled out a little. When I pushed back in, it went much smoother and this time, I was rewarded with a genuine moan of pleasure.

It was obvious my little sister was still quite tender, but I was able to fuck her without much discomfort. A couple of dozen thrusts later, I noticed I was bumping against the soft padding of her pubic mound and I could feel her swollen lips kiss the base of my cock. With each thrust, my penis went all the way inside her, and it wasn’t causing her any more discomfort.

For me, the feeling of being entirely enveloped by my sister’s divine pussy was strangely fulfilling. Purely physical, it was the best feeling ever, but I was also feeling a new love and gratitude towards Anna for sharing this with me. Without fully realizing what I was doing, I lowered my lips onto hers and we kissed. She readily kissed me back, moaning softly as our tongues began their dance in our mouths. It was sometime during this kiss that we really started making love. Our bodies began to move in unison, my ass was pumping up and down in a fluid motion and she anticipated my moves by rolling and thrusting her hips to receive my cock deep inside her.

Her pointy breasts had flattened a little as she was lying on her back, but they moved sensually as we made love. Remembering how great they had felt earlier, I grabbed them with both hands and gently kneaded the soft orbs. The highly sensitive pink nipples were hard enough to cut glass, standing out over a quarter inch in length and surrounded by dimpled aureolas. Following my instinct, I closed my lips around the little tips and sucked on them. Each time I softly bit on them, she would groan lustfully and her pussy seemed to tighten even more around my cock.





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