Triple H Reacts to Carmelo Hayes Losing to Adam Cole in an Exciting Match on WWE NXT


Triple H Reacts to Carmelo Hayes Losing to Adam Cole in an Exciting Match on WWE NXT

This week’s WWE NXT started with a bang as a young debutant, Carmelo Hayes, locked horns with the NXT Megastar Adam Cole. Surprisingly for the WWE Universe, Hayes pushed the veteran Cole to his limit and delivered a barnburner. Triple H, who was also very impressed, reacted to Hayes’ heroics on Twitter.

Cole, before getting interrupted by Hayes, cut a promo about last week’s incident. Hayes’ entry baffled Cole, as he had no clue about the young sensation.

As the NXT fans in the arena chanted, “Who are you?” at Hayes, the debutant introduced himself and demanded a match with Bay-Bay. Hayes then cut a similar promo to what John Cena did against Kurt Angle on his debut.

Next, Carmelo slapped Adam Cole by shouting “Ruthless Aggression” at his face, which provoked Adam Cole to teach the youngster a lesson in respect.

Triple H reacts to the Adam Cole VS Carmelo Hayes match

The match between Cole and Hayes was a bonus for the NXT fans, as none of them expected it to happen. The debutant was impressive with his in-ring skills and had his moments in the match.

But ultimately, it was Adam Cole who prevailed in the match. The wrestling world was thrilled to witness Carmelo’s debut and his impressive performance against one of the biggest names in the NXT world.

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The COO of WWE and the Co-founder of NXT, Triple H, was one of the many who was very impressed with the match and Carmelo’s Debut. The WWE legend had high praise for the tenacity of Carmelo Hayes to show up and face off Adam Cole, who is the longest-reigning NXT Champion of the brand.

Triple H said- “Have to respect the tenacity of Carmelo Hayes to challenge the longest-reigning WWE NXT Champion in history… this tells me two things: this isn’t the last time we’ll see Carmelo Hayes and Adam Cole is ready for a fight at NXT GAB!!!”

What’s next for these two Superstars?

After an imposing debut, the WWE Universe is very excited to see what the future holds for Carmelo Hayes. The similarities between Hayes and a young Cena are very apparent, given their debut promos.

WWE’s decision to do a John Cena reference via Carmelo is a great ploy to hook the fans to NXT television. And it has worked as the WWE Universe has expressed heavy interest in Carmelo Hayes’ future.


As for Adam Cole, the former NXT Champion will face Kyle O’Reilly at NXT: The Great American Bash. The former Best friends and Allies of The Undisputed ERA have huge mutual hate.

This has resulted in barbaric fights on many occasions on NXT. Unfortunately, these two superstars have been battling out against each other for far too long, and NXT: The Great American Bash seems to be the perfect show to settle the scores once and for all.

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