Top 3 contemporary music genres

Top 3 contemporary music genres

Top-3 contemporary music genres

Music accompanies us everywhere, no matter what we do or where we are. Knowledge of modern styles will be useful not only for beginner musicians but also for any connoisseur of art. In this article, we’ll take a look at the genres of contemporary music you hear most often in stores, on the radio, and in movies.

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Music can be divided into different genres according to a variety of characteristics, such as the use of certain musical instruments, tempo features, the general mood of the melody, and others. The artistic nature of music means that these classifications are often subjective and controversial, and some genres may overlap.



Popular genres of music of the 21st century

Pop music

In fact, pop music can be traced back to about the 40s, when the so-called “crooners” Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby came into vogue, and later Pat Boone and Dean Martin. These artists were hugely popular, and their songwriters used different varieties of genres in music to achieve the perfect formula for success. This approach worked: for example, Dean Martin’s single “Everybody loves somebody” was so popular that at the height of “Beatlemania” in the United States, it threw the Beatles off the first line of the most respected music chart – Billboard.


Pop music has the largest number of branches, among which:


  • Country pop/country rock: characterized by a large number of guitars and a folk (country) or near-rock sound. Often used as soundtracks for westerns.
  • Pop Rock: Combines elements of rock (electric guitars, drums, energy) with the melodiousness of pop music.
  • Soft rock: almost similar to pop rock, but with a harder sound;
  • Disco pop/Post-Disco: Born at the end of disco’s popularity, it combined the dance rhythms and electro sound of 80’s popular music.
  • Indie: The term is applied to the music of independent authors.
  • Synthpop: A melody based on the sound of synthesizers and the like. It became widely popular in the 80s, mainly due to the Norwegian group a-ha. They brought this style back into fashion in the late 90s.


Classical music

Classical music is made up of many parts played by individual instruments and sometimes includes vocals. It predates electricity, so it involves the use of instruments that don’t need to be amplified. At modern concerts, the sound of the orchestra is sometimes amplified with the help of microphones, but this is usually only used in very large concert halls. Basically, the term classical music is applied to works written before the twentieth century.


In fact, it is difficult to attribute one direction to classical music. Basically, the classics are characterized by instrumental sound, many associates it with opera and ballet. However, it can also be attributed to folk music, which, in turn, gave impetus to the creation of country and folk music, and those are further divided into many categories. In addition, classical music is universal: just slightly change the tempo of the song, and you get a completely different mood.



Rock evolved from classic rock and roll in the 60s, although already in the 70s it ceased to even remotely resemble its progenitor. Rock music has taken over the music industry so much that many critics still consider it in the most significant direction. Rock and roll, and then rock, appeared as a youth rebellious trend. The main signs of rock music are the dominant guitars, mostly electronic ones. An important component of the music is the bass guitar and drums, sometimes there are rhythm guitars. The sound can change from lighter like the Beatles to heavier like the Rolling Stones and Animals.


The main popularity of the genre received after the famous “British invasion” when the prominent representatives of the Beatles and Rolling Stones arrived in the USA. In the 70s, rock music borrowed some tricks from classical music, like voice harmonization from Smokie and almost operatic inserts from Queen.


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