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While there are millions of information that would reveal this information, it is quite important to note that most of these US dollar pay packages vary according to the nature of the job in these companies.

Top salary paying companies in Nigeria have come to realize that the only way to ensure sufficiency and proficiency of their staff, is to ensure that they pay juicy packages and allowance that would help keep their best hands glued to them.

After careful research, this post was put together to reveal these top companies in Nigeria that pay salaries in dollars (USD). Within the list you might notice that the oil sector is predominant because they of what they deal in. It should not surprise you not to see any bank in Nigeria on the list because banks are never constant in their salary scale structure.

Top 10 Companies in Nigeria that Pay Salaries in Dollars

1. Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria

Shell tops the list of companies that pay the highest salary in Nigeria and operates a joint venture with Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). Entry level salary for staff in Shell Nigeria is between the range of 2500 USD which is equivalent to N1million. It all depends according to skill and job type.

2. Chevron

An American oil company in Nigeria that also deals in Oil & Gas. They pay around $8000 which is N3 million as salary for entry level staff a year. It is no surprise they are also one of the top paying companies.

3. Mobil Oil & Gas Multinational (Exxonmobil)

Mobil is the world’s largest refiner and marketer of petroleum products. Exxonmobil is also an American company that pays about N3.6million to N9.6million annually as salary for entry level staff.

4. NNPC (Oil & Gas)

This is every Nigerian graduate’s dream job, since it is Nigeria’s own oil and gas company. NNPC also regulates other Oil and Gas companies in Nigeria and pays its entry staff about N1.56million per year.

There are some staff that are paid in dollars at NNPC, these workers earn big when compared to other staff and are at the top echelon of management.

5. MTN Nigeria (Telecommunication)

MTN Nigeria for now is the fifth best company in Nigeria and the most popular Telecommunication Company in the country, Even though some Nigerians are complaining bitterly of their tariff with dwindling services. They still pay as much as $4000 USD dollars im a month to some of their top staff.

6. Nestle Nigeria PLC

Producers of house-hold items in Nigeria. They pay about N1 to N2.5million per annum separate from other allowances.

7. The Nigeria Civil Service (Federal)

Many Nigerians would also want to work in the Nigerian civil service, not only because of the salary but because of job security which is not guaranteed in the private sector. The only pitfall is that different ministries in Nigeria pay different salaries. What we know is that for example in the Nigerian Customs, annual salary is between N960 thousand to N1.2 million.

8. Total Oil and Gas

They pay according to area. A staff in Port-Harcourt may earn higher than a staff in Lagos, even on same level, Entry staff earns as high as N5 million and above annually.

Other top management workers collect as much as $10,000 usd at total. These are attributed to their foreign staff.

9. Dangote Group

Owned by Chief Aliko Dangote, currently the richest man in Africa. They pay their staff well. Although, we could not get the details of their entry staff salary.

10. Nigeria Breweries

Entry staff salary of Nigeria Breweries is from N800 thousand and above. It is owned by the Nigerian Government.

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