Top 10 Best Insurance Companies in Nigeria

There many insurance companies existing in Nigeria but when it comes to picking the right insurance company to secure a policy from, certain things like reliability, integrity, and quick response of the insurance firm must be considered. The company must be well known by the masses, having a good track record and also having good testimonial from people insured with them.

The insurance companies listed below in this article, have been considered the top 10 registered insurance companies in the Nigeria with good track record based on customers opinion that you can start off with.

Acen Insurance Company

This is a composite insurer: issuing life and non-life policies. They have good track record and are cosidered one of the best in the country

Adic Insurance

This company insures personal, Car, Home and Life Insurance in Nigeria.

African Alliance Insurance Company Ltd.

African Alliance Insurance Company Ltd. has been known in Nigeria over the years for its good reputation.

Aiico Insurance Plc

Aiico has become the largest Life Insurer in Nigeria and a major player in General Insurance business. The company’s success has been the result of its ability to evaluate its potentials, set realistic goals and take necessary actions to achieve them. Strategies may change, objectives and organizational structures of the company can be reviewed from time to time, the end result is to ensure Optimum Performance.

A&G Insurance

A&G Insurance has combine 20 years experience and safety of an underwriting company with the efficiency and innovation of the next generation risks and financial solutions provider.

Consolidated Hallmark Insurance

Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Plc is a high-profile, technology-driven and customer oriented company conceived by its stakeholders to be among the first five risk underwriters in Nigeria within a very short period of time.

Continental Reinsurance

Continental was registered in 1985 as a professional reinsurance company under the Companies Act 1968 and obtained license to transact Non-Life Reinsurance business on December 10, 1986. It commenced business in December, 1987. Life Reassurance business was commenced in December 1990, the requisite license having been obtained in December 1989. In 1999, Continental Re was converted to a Public Limited Company (PLC).

Cornerstone Insurance PLC

Cornerstone is a dynamic insurance company, offering services in line with modern realities. The Company was at inception registered to undertake some classes of Insurance business.

Crusader Insurance Plc

Crusader insurance (Nigeria) Plc is a highly reputable company renowned for its efficient service delivery and prompt claims settlement. It has a national network of branches and full computerization and a crop of experienced and highly competent professional staff back up its operations.

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