Thuli Phongolo speaks on pregnancy rumours


Thuli Phongolo speaks on pregnancy rumours


Thuli Phongolo has taken to her social media to let her fans know that she is ready for any negativity thrown at her.

Taking to Twitter, the star made it known that she won’t be entertaining trolls who always have opinions in her life.

Thuli has had enough of people assuming that she is pregnant.

The actress who will also be joining season five of Rockville decided to put the rumours to rest.

Reacting to the rumour, Thuli made it clear that she will not be getting pregnant anytime soon as she does not understand how people are getting fascinated about her being pregnant.

“I don’t know why there is a huge fascination about me being pregnant, everyday, every day ‘she is pregnant’ well I am here to put you at ease, don’t hold your breath guys! It’s not happening anytime soon. Haibo Ngaze Ngalinge boo,” she wrote.
See tweet below:

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