These are the 3 mistakes you are making to repel love


These are the 3 mistakes you are making to repel love

These are the 3 mistakes you are making to repel love

We’re all well aware of the repercussions modern dating has caused into our lives, the constant process of healing, falling in and out of love gets a bit too overwhelming at times, especially when you’re too busy focusing on yourself and getting your life on track.

The fact that you know you’re too good for someone and don’t need anyone else to tell you that is enough to tell you that you are repelling love and avoiding falling for ‘the one’ by letting fear, rejection and depression into your lives.

We all succumb to the need for love in our lives and the need to hold onto someone is stronger than losing yourself over and over again.

When that happens, the fear of losing that special someone starts creeping in and as a result, you start distancing yourself from the chance of being in a perfect relationship that could actually turn out to be good.

For example, you learn a new sport, but you’re not a pro on day one. You gradually become comfortable, start learning the tricks and know what your strengths and weaknesses are.

Likewise, falling in love and getting into relationships should have a similar approach that allows you to grow slowly with the feeling of togetherness and companionship.

Let’s talk about a few mistakes that you may be making unknowingly which is turning you against the idea of love and relationships.

1. Fear of rejection

When it comes to dating, you feel that you should be able to find the love of your life without any trial and error and that’s a common mistake that a lot of us make. To find someone who is compatible enough for you and with whom your idiosyncrasies match means that there will be few bumps in the road and it’s important to know that not everyone out there will like you for who you are, there will be rejections and that’s completely normal. Do not let the fear of rejection creep into your lives after just one mistake. Go out there and explore your options before you settle.

2. Don’t let your insecurities get the best of you


Remember that nobody is perfect and we’re all flawed. Humans are complicated and that’s just how we are wired. It’s completely normal to let emotions get the best of you, but it’s not okay to let your insecurities creep in and ruin what you had. A negative mind will never lead you to a positive life. Let go of your insecurities and dive right into what makes you truly happy.

3. Co-dependency can be harmful

Once you do find the perfect partner, try not to be codependent as it can be pretty harmful in the long run. You can still do things that you used to do while you were single and maintain a healthy relationship by doing things you both enjoy doing together. By ingesting this, if things don’t work out, you’re not left with the feeling of loneliness and depression. You will figure out a way to move on trusting you will find someone better next time.

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