These 5 zodiac signs find it hard to fall in love
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These 5 zodiac signs find it hard to fall in love


These 5 zodiac signs find it hard to fall in love

These 5 zodiac signs find it hard to fall in love

While some people tend to fall in love very easily and wear their heart on a sleeve, others are full of doubt and scepticism and therefore, find it hard to fall in love with someone.

The former believe in love at first sight, while the latter always have their guard up. Usually, those who find it hard falling in love, have trust issues and feel scared in letting someone in.

They fear that by showing their vulnerable side to someone, they might end up getting hurt and betrayed. Therefore, they never allow themselves to fall for someone and keep a distance from everybody.

Here are 5 such zodiac signs who have the hardest time falling in love with someone.

1. Taurus

Although Taureans love the idea of commitment, they usually have a hard time falling for someone. They tend to take a considerable amount of time to get to know the person and trust them completely. Only then do they consider having feelings for them. They do not let themselves fall in love with someone, till they are sure of them.

2. Virgo

They like to take charge. They like having control over things, even if it means controlling an intangible thing like emotions. Virgos, therefore, fear falling in love as they will end up losing control over their emotions and feelings. They resist their feelings and suppress them to somehow take charge.

3. Scorpio

They love the idea of being in love; however, it takes a great deal for them to have enough faith in someone to show their vulnerable side to them and to let go of their insecurities and fears. They thus take time in developing that trust and find it hard to fall in love.

4. Capricorn

Capricorns do not believe in the idea of love. They believe in putting in their energies in more important things than hopelessly falling in love with someone. They find it hard to trust someone and do not invest their feelings in someone, who they feel is not worth it.

5. Aquarius

Aquarians are by their very nature, reclusive and introverts. They have this shell from which they never want to come out. They are used to being independent and self-sufficient and therefore, try their best to avoid being in love. Also, Aquarians have very high standards when it comes to falling in love with someone and do not settle for anything less.

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