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These 5 zodiac signs can’t be trusted with secrets!


These 5 zodiac signs can’t be trusted with secrets!

These 5 zodiac signs can’t be trusted with secrets!

There are a few things about your life that you want to keep it as your little secret Be it something about our love or professional lives.

But most of the time we end up sharing it with someone very close and you expect that person to keep the secret safe with them. While some can be blindly trusted, others cannot be trusted that much.

They can sometimes, intentionally or unintentionally reveal your secrets. So here are 5 zodiac signs who cannot keep a secret and are cannot be trusted.

1. Aries

They are impulsive and are considered to be a loudmouth. Understanding someone’s emotions and vulnerability, is difficult for Aries. They are someone who rarely have secrets so keeping someone else’s also becomes difficult for them. Aries might think they’re doing you a favour by making your private issues public, so that you have to face your problems and figure it out. At worst, they’d do it as a joke, just because they know it bothers you.

2. Gemini

Geminis are great listeners, and experts at making others comfortable in their presence, hence people love opening up to them. They are considered to be very understanding and no matter whatever it is, they instantly understand you. But the flip side is that they have the same effect on everyone they meet, they want to be liked. Geminis have love to gossip, and with the tendency of trying to fit every where, they’re liable to say just about anything.

3. Virgo

They love getting involved in people’s life, sometimes too much. They have a thought process that they know everything. They understand well about what is right for you and will point out your mistakes whenever required. They think that they know best and If they think that sharing your secret with others is a right thing to do, then they will surely do so.

4. Scorpio

While they are most secretive themselves, they can still lose control and spill your secrets. If by any means they feel that sharing your secret can beneficial for them in some way, they will go ahead share it. So, be careful before you share something with them.

5. Sagittarius

Sagittarians are honest and straight forward, they do not keep anything inside themselves. They have a habit of speaking the truth and in their attempt to be truthful and straightforward, they can share your secret to other people and will immediately regret it also.

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