The Samsung Galaxy A74 would not exist, the A7x series is over

The Samsung Galaxy A74 would not exist, the A7x series is over

The Samsung Galaxy A74 would not exist, the A7x series is over

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For quite some time now, Samsung’s best-selling smartphone series has been the A5x. But so far it hasn’t been the best dog in the A-series, that honor reserved for the A7x. Well, according to a new rumor, everything should change next year, because there will be no more A7x device.


That’s right, the A73 was apparently the last A7x model ever made, as Samsung won’t release an A74 in 2023, thus leaving the Galaxy A54 to be the headliner of the A-series both in terms of commercial appeal but also of pure specifications.

Samsung Galaxy A73

While other upcoming Ax4 handsets have been leaked, nothing like this has happened to the A74, and that would be down to the simple fact that there’s no A74 in development, and there there will never be.

It might sound odd, but consider that the Galaxy A73 was already marginalized in Samsung’s portfolio, getting release in fewer countries than the A72 before it. So perhaps the story of the A73 foreshadowed what would inevitably happen with the A74.

There’s also no word on a Galaxy S22 FE or S23 FE, which leaves a weird (and pretty huge) price gap between the A54 and the S23 for Chinese rivals to take advantage of. It’s a questionable strategy at best, to leave you exposed to the competition like this, but maybe Samsung has a plan – sell the S22 at an even deeper discount and squeeze it in there? We’ll have to wait for the introduction of the S23 to find out. Luckily, it’s only a few weeks away, now rumored to be February 1st.

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