The Nigerian Entertainment Space: It’s 2023 And Celebrities Still Need A Break

The Nigerian Entertainment Space: It’s 2023 And Celebrities Still Need A Break

The celebrity lifestyle has its many perks. From being a role model to many other people to having fans dot all over you amongst many more, it is a lifestyle that many will give anything to have and still yet can’t get a hold of in the Nigerian entertainment space.

Interesting as it is, behind the show of luxury, the class, and the showmanship, the celebrity lifestyle is also laden with many issues that makes those already in the path wish for normalcy in their lives.

On several occasions, we have seen how discussions pertaining to celebrities are attended to and can categorically say it’s mostly different from how every other conversation is handled. This treatment brings the question ‘Are celebrities beyond human errors?’

The simple answer to the question is a huge no. Celebrities are humans just like us and are allowed to make mistakes, or even dream to live a normal life, but why is that still an issue in 2023?

Following the many controversies, call outs, and how the people handle it, we feel like celebrities are put on a higher pedestal that makes other people forget that they are humans just like them and are liable to human errors. Highlighting such instances, we look at different reasons celebrities need a break in 2023.

Subject to mass judgment

One important thing to note while chasing the celebrity lifestyle is to know and understand that your life as well as personal business will be the affair of people you don’t even know. They will watch your everyday moves, see your slip ups and judge you however they feel like without consideration of what their judgment does to you.

In 2023, we feel celebrities need a break from mass judgment. Most importantly are those who have put a lot of effort into making their personal lives private. 

Knowing that because they are celebrities does not mean they don’t feel things are important and we all need to allow them to catch a break from our judgment. When things that require our public scrutiny, we need to learn to be empathetic with how we go about it.

An example to this is the recent issue between Alex Ekubo and his ex-fiance Fancy Acholonu. Earlier, the Los-Angeles model had issued a public apology to the Nigerian actor for calling off their engagement, and that had caused a stir online with people dissecting the situation. While some claimed the apology was because she was begging to get back with Alex Ekubo, others speculated that they were already back together and the online apology was the condition.

In an interview, Fancy Acholonu has said her side of the story and it clearly shows why mass judgment is dangerous for and to these celebrities.

Relationship tags

Many celebrities have suffered from the masses, journalists, and bloggers likewise, simply because they were associated with someone popular.

Importantly, celebrities need a break from tags in 2023. If we are being honest, it is unnecessary and unfair to continue to tag people by their relationships rather than by who they are.

A good example for this is how bloggers have continued to refer to Jada Pollocks as “Wizkid’s baby mama” rather than “Chris Brown’s ex-manager.” For someone that has worked all her life to build a career in the entertainment industry, it is unfair to reduce her to just her relationship with another celebrity when she has achieved lots in her career as a person.

A lot of celebrities need a break from this in 2023.

Online bullying

If we choose to not talk about any other thing, it is important to keep shouting on this. Celebrities are humans too, and our actions affect them just the same. So, in 2023, the online bullying needs to stop.

Celebrities need to be allowed to express themselves without being told to be quiet because they are celebrities and shouldn’t act a certain way. Daily, we see social media users who keep trolling these celebrities just to trigger them – no one addresses that but will address a celebrity that decides to react to being targeted and constantly attacked.

A lot of people these days bank on the fact that ‘they are celebrities, they can’t do this and that’ and choose to deliberately push them, then cry wolf when they get a bit of their own medicine.

In 2023, online bullying needs to stop by all means necessary. 


Sometimes, we wonder why celebrities are depressed, unhappy or unfulfilled. The answer is not far-fetched. The answer is not very hard. The pressure on them can be too much to handle, and if nothing at all, truly, celebrities too need a break.


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