The new State Mobile v0.9.26 update will arrive on March 17; Maintenance schedule, changelog revealed

The new State Mobile v0.9.26 update will arrive on March 17; Maintenance schedule, changelog revealed

The new State Mobile v0.9.26 update will arrive on March 17; Maintenance schedule, changelog revealed

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New State Mobile – formerly known as PUBG New State – is set to undergo maintenance ahead of the upcoming March update. The popular Battle Royale game for Android and iOS smartphones will go into maintenance on March 17. New State Mobile’s next update will bring new content, including weapons and gameplay improvements, as well as changes to the Erangel map. The March update will also add a new McLaren hypercar to the game, as part of a collaboration with the company. The game will also build on in-game vehicle-related adjustments, which were first introduced with the February update for New State Mobile.


Publisher Krafton announced on the New State Mobile website on Tuesday that the popular game will be shut down for maintenance on March 17, while the March update, also known as update v0.9.26, is installed. During this time, the game will be inaccessible to players. Downtime is expected to be 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. UTC (or 6:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. IST), according to Krafton. However, the downtime may be extended if something goes wrong during the update installation.

According to a video shared by Krafton, the upcoming March update will resolve frame optimization issues for iOS and Android devices. The Erangel map is also getting an update, with a new area called Avanpost being added to the map. Ferry Pier is getting a new loot area and a large factory will be added to the quarry, according to Krafton. Item and vehicle spawn rates will change and the Electron will be available in Erangel.

Last month, Krafton introduced several vehicle enhancements to the game, which the developers dubbed “Vehicle Meta.” The March update will add even more improvements, as well as changing how shooting from a moving vehicle works. Vehicles like the Volta will see acceleration and cornering adjustments, while also making it louder so opponents can hear it approaching. Likewise, Mesta and Nova have been adjusted to make them easier to ride.

The March update for New State Mobile will also add a new weapon, the MG3, which is an auto-firing machine gun with a capacity of 75 rounds as well as 7.63mm ammo with 660 and 990 RPM modes. It supports a scope and bipod to reduce recoil when shooting prone, according to Krafton. The next update will also add new customizations for weapons, including C2 for the Vector with a drum magazine, increasing the capacity to 45 rounds at the cost of slower reloading. Meanwhile, the Mini-14 also features C2, which means players can add an attachment for tactical stock, bringing increased stability at the cost of slower ADS.

Weapon balancing tweaks were added in the March update, and the L85A3 now has higher damage and effective range, while SKS bullet range has been increased. The bold action speed of the KAR98K (C1) has been increased, while the horizontal recoil control of the MP5K (C1) has been reduced. The Mini-14’s C1 has been revamped to increase damage, but at the cost of higher vertical and horizontal recoil. Meanwhile, the S686’s C1 now allows users to fire a single shot instead of the 2-shot burst. Krafton has also improved the deflection control for Choke, according to the developer.

iOS gamers will get additional frame optimization, while iPad mini 6 owners will be able to access the game in full-screen format, according to the publisher. Other optimizations include reviving co-op, making it faster than before. Touch stabilization has also been added to the settings. Players will finally be able to enable or disable aim assist — the toggle doesn’t work in the current version of the game, according to Krafton.

The publisher has also changed the reward calculation method for the upcoming Season 2, and a new rewards program will include a parachute skin as one of the rewards. Players who maintain the Conqueror level will be rewarded with a gun upgrade token, according to Krafton. The game will also add spring-themed content to the game. Players will also be able to specify their region to match with players closer to them, and can “like” other players after playing matches, which will appear in a new counter on a player’s profile. The March update will also add a tutorial mode for players who have just joined New State Mobile, according to Krafton.

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