The Meta Quest Pro gets a limited $400 price drop

The Meta Quest Pro gets a limited $400 price drop

The Meta Quest Pro gets a limited $400 price drop

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It has been less than three months since the Meta Quest Pro went on sale first, and it’s already discounted by $400.

The new price, $1,100, is not permanent: it is only valid for one week in the US and two weeks in the UK (where the price drops to £1,300). But that’s a notable discount for a headset that was widely criticized for its high price tag when it debuted last fall.

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I Used Meta Quest Pro: This Is What It Looks Like


The Meta Quest Pro is a progressive design two year old child Quest 2 headphones, but the Quest 2 is only $400, while the Pro, even at its retail price, costs almost three times as much.

The Pro has some advantages over the Quest 2: it has a higher resolution display, fits more easily on larger bezels, has redesigned controllers that can track movement with their own built-in cameras, adds color cameras passthrough and enhanced mixed reality, and has eye and face tracking. But its bulkier design and sometimes shorter lifespan mean it’s not always a big improvement for everyone, it runs VR apps in much the same way as the Quest 2, and its built-in processor doesn’t is not really very different.

The Quest Pro promotion is available on the Meta store and 3rd party stores, and it is a limited time promotion at the moment. But it may be a sign that Meta is already considering further price cuts for its hardware as the competition roars around the corner.

sony PlayStation VR2 arrives at the end of February, just like HTC Vive XR Eliteanother pro-level standalone VR headset with a lower price of $1,099. Apple’s supposed VR headset is expected in 2023 and could be announced anytime this year. Meta’s Own Quest 3 is expected later this year and could include several Quest Pro features at a much lower price.

It’s going to be a busy year for VR hardware. While the Quest Pro is seeing a significant price drop at the moment, you’ll probably want to wait and see what else happens, or stick with the Quest 2 which you may already have.


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