The LG Wing finally gets an Android 13 update

The LG Wing finally gets an Android 13 update

The LG Wing finally gets an Android 13 update

Remember the funky LG Wing? We certainly do. It’s an incredibly interesting device that came out in 2020 towards the very end of the company’s involvement in the smartphone industry. It was the first and sadly only device in a new “Explorer series”, which LG intended to use as a platform for soul-searching to try out bold new ideas in a last-ditch effort to revitalize its mobile business. Well, we all know how it unfortunately happened and that only makes the LG Wing even more interesting.

An Android 13 OTA has started seeding for the phone in its home Korean market and will soon spread overseas as well. Along with the upgrade to Android 13, the update package also brings the following changes, according to LG’s Korean changelog:

  • Device control shortcut icons can be displayed on the lock screen.
  • Added preview, share and text edit functions for copied text or images.
  • You can check and stop currently active applications in the status notification window.
  • The multi-window function has been simplified.
  • The functions of the music and video controllers displayed in the status notification window have been improved.
  • Added the function of setting notification permissions for each app.

This will likely be the last major update for the LG Wing, which originally launched with Android 10. In 2019 and 2020, LG promised three major updates on select models, such as the LG Velvet and the LG V60, which have already received Android 13 OTA. . The Wing is on the same list.

The LG Wing finally gets an Android 13 update

If you don’t quite remember the LG Wing or are only now learning of its existence, we encourage you to return to our full review of what is now a piece of smartphone history. With its secondary rectangular screen and pivoting main screen, the Wing was unique for its multitasking capabilities. But beyond that, it also offered incredible video capture with advanced gimbal functionality.

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