The effect of self-improvement on your relationships



The effect of self-improvement on your relationships




A novelist, once said, “there is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”. The word ‘noble’ is internal. It is an attribute that works from the inside out!

If so seen, then self-improvement is considered a noble course. It helps one learn about one’s self; showing us reasons we should strive to become better people.

That said; much of who we are is reflected on how we interact with other people around us. Seeking to improve ourselves therefore positions us to also make our relationships with others better.

Here are reasons you should focus on self-improvement:

1. It helps you have inner stability

People who radiate inner stability are often liked and admired by others around them. If you sometimes feel naïve and shaky; you may want to strengthen your inner self. You can do this by taking time out during the day for self-reflection. By looking deeply into yourself and examining who you really are, you can find out what makes you who you are and focus on your strengths and deal with insecurities. By this you can begin to achieve more inner stability.

2. It helps you have a better outlook on who you are

Knowing who you are brings some amount of confidence to your disposition and outlook to life. The way you view yourself affects how others view you. If you have a good self-image, then others are likely to relate to you in a positive way. When looking to better yourself you may wish to build your self-esteem. If you feel confident, you will radiate poise. When people see a composed and self-assured individual, they are likely to be affected in a positive way. They too may adopt your good feeling, and this can result in a more optimistic and constructive relationship

3. Purposeful friendships gravitate towards you

People like to be around individuals who like and accept themselves. If you are continuously fighting against yourself, you won’t have the emotional disposition to better yourself. If you wish to get on with people better, and have more purposeful relationships, then you may want to start by accepting yourself. Only when you have accepted who you are that you can be open yourself up for improvement.

4. When you improve yourself, you minimise self-sabotage

When you aim to improve who you are, you steer clear of sabotage. Focusing on your good qualities and endeavouring to enhance and protect these attributes will not only help you become a better person; it will also stop you from undermining yourself. When you stop sabotaging who you are, you are likely to refrain from ruining relationships and this can lead to longer and more meaningful connections with others.

5. It makes you independent

Being independent instead of leaning on others gives way for a better relationship. How?

If you are in a relationship, maintaining a healthy sense of independence helps reduce pressure that others feel while being your friends. It is good that people do things for you from a point of rest and not pressure. That said; it helps to make the relationship stronger. If you seek to become more self-reliant as in marriage, even you and your partner will both feel more secure.

The noble task of self-improvement will not only be good for you but will be also good for those around you. If you work to improve yourself then you will find yourself in more meaningful and stronger relationships with others.

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