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The difference between sunscreen and sunblock


The difference between sunscreen and sunblock

The difference between sunscreen and sunblock

With the arrival of summer, sunscreens and sunblocks are beginning to sell like hotcakes.

They are both an essential part of innumerable summer skin care routines, apart from their names, most people aren’t entirely aware of the difference between the two.

So, what are they? What do they do? And which one is best for you? Read on for a detailed understanding behind the two most popular forms of sun protection.

What is Sunscreen?

In layman’s terms, sunscreen is used to filter or screen the ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. It keeps most rays out, but allows a minimal amount in. It is the most common type of sun protection used and available widely, online and offline. Sunscreen generally has a lighter consistency when compared to Sunblock, this is due to the formulation and difference in their individual purpose. It is also easier to wash off, and sometimes wears off simply by sweat, demanding reapplication if you continue to require sun protection. Experts recommend using it all year round, not limited to hot summers.

What is Sunblock?

Sunblock is the lesser known product of the two. Its purpose is to reflect all the sun’s rays, letting none penetrate your skin. Due to its properties, sunblock is created using a different formula, resulting in a thicker, heavier, paste-like consistency, thereby enabling it to fulfil its purpose. It is much more challenging to wash off and does not wear off as easily compared to sunscreen. It is Ideal to apply when swimming at the local pool, or the beach!

Sunscreen and Sunblock are both excellent forms of protection when used appropriately. It is necessary to experiment with both, to understand which of the two suit your skin, and meet your requirements, within the environment you expose yourself to. I recommend using a light textured, natural, moisturising sunscreen all year round to reap the full extent of its benefits.

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