The Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation is the best way to give back

The Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation is the best way to give back

The Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation is the best way to give back

This story is part 84 days of vacationa collection that helps you find the perfect gift for everyone.

When I was growing up, I had a “big sister” through the Big Brother Big Sister Foundation.

We had very little money and lived in domestic violence shelters for years. Seeing my big sister was the highlight of my week. She took me by car, to the cinema, offered me sodas and pizzas… but above all, she spoke to me. She would listen to my thoughts. She would give me time and attention and, above all, a sense of security.

One of the best Christmas gifts I’ve ever received was from a friend who said, “Susie, you’ve created a great life. So I feel like this is the perfect gift for you! — and inside was a donation to the Big Brother Big Sister Foundation. This means that this beautiful foundation can recruit new Big Brothers Big Sisters volunteers and provide ongoing supervision and relationship support for all members of this caring community.

Why this is a great gift: Isn’t the spirit of Christmas giving? To think of people other than ourselves? To take care of each other?

A gift to a charity that is important to the person you love is a great gift. More often than not, you can do this specifically on their behalf. It’s the coolest gift ever, because you never know whose life you’ll be touching, starting with the recipient of this lovely gift.

What you will pay: Donations to the Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation can be of any monetary amount. Even a little goes a long way. And if you don’t have money to spend, you can donate all kinds of physical items, from clothes to toys and books.

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