The best fantasy shows to watch on Netflix in 2023

The best fantasy shows to watch on Netflix in 2023

The best fantasy shows to watch on Netflix in 2023

Job power rings and Dragon House, fantasy has its day in the sun. None of these shows are on Netlix. But here’s the good news: there are currently So lots of great fantasy shows on Netflix.

There are obvious choices like The sand man and the witcher but, beyond that, what is your time worth?

Here’s where we think you should start…

If you’re after fantasy moviesto manage here.

Our favorite Netflix fantasy shows


Everyone seems to watch this show, so you don’t necessarily need me to recommend it, but Wednesday – the latest Addams Family release – is…pretty good?

The show feels very CW – think Riverdale/Nancy Drew – but it’s also very funny at times. Arguably it’s the comedy the show handles best, but really Wednesday just makes for a fun, easy binge. Stuck in.


Based on the comic by Neil Gaiman and DC, The Sandman has been well received by almost everyone! Fans of the comic love it, people who have never heard of it before love it too. Basically, if you’re looking for something new to watch in the fantasy realm, this is the show for you.

The Sandman has been in development hell for decades, so it’s nice to finally see it on screen so effectively.


Arcane is so good.

Based on League of Legends characters and lore, Arcane is just an absolutely beautifully animated show about family, trauma, and the impact of poverty. Just a surprisingly good sight to watch.


When I first heard that Henry Cavill had starred as Geralt in The Witcher TV show, based on a novel that became a wildly popular video game, I thought, “That can’t be to be good.”

Then I watched the first episode and thought, “This is not Well.”

But then, ultimately, the show was somehow good? Then it became a phenomenon. It is now one of the most popular shows on Netflix.


Shadow and Bone (2021—)

Shadow and Bone is based on a series of young adult fantasy novels written by Leigh Bardugo. There’s a feeling that this show wasn’t quite as good as some might have hoped, and didn’t quite go as mainstream as some expected. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check it out.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

All right, I’ll put Supernatural on the list.

Follow the supernaturally beautiful Winchester brothers as they hunt all manner of ghouls and goblins, demons, ghosts and monsters.

Get ready – there are a ridiculous 15 seasons of this show available on Netflix.


As a Scottish man, I am both grateful for Outlander and resentful of him.

It made Scottish men cool again, but also gave people ridiculously inflated and unfair expectations of us. We can’t hope to compete with Sam Heughan, who plays the main character Jamie Fraser. Ridiculous.

Outlander is a strange time travel show whose main character, Claire, is transported back in time from World War II to 1743 Scotland. It’s definitely romance novel nonsense, but it’s self-aware romance novel nonsense. It is built for binging.


Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005-2008)

Avatar: The Last Airbender has to be one of the best animated shows already. Aang is the last titular airbender, a type of messiah who can control the four main elements: air, fire, water, and earth.

But even trying to describe what makes Avatar so charming, smart, and surprisingly heavy is pointless. Do yourself a favor and watch it.


The Umbrella Academy (2019—)

The Umbrella Academy is part of a whole series of adult-themed superhero shows that came out a few years ago. It takes itself a bit more seriously than The Boys, which released on Prime Video, but it’s still a very compelling watch.

It also has some of the best needle-drop moments on any show on Netflix. Take care of it.

Kevin Baker/Netflix

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (2019)

Based on the 1982 cult classic, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance was pretty good for an exercise in nostalgic baiting. Unfortunately, production fees caused Netflix to cancel it before we got a second season. That doesn’t mean you can’t check out the first one.


OK, let’s do this one more time…

i can’t believe i have Three TV shows based on video games on this list! But again, Castlevania is very Well. A dark fantasy spectacle based on the video game of the same name, Castlevania is super popular, captivating, and spectacularly well-animated. Give it a chance, even if you’ve never heard of the game.


A BBC TV show based on Arthurian legends, Merlin adds a Doctor Who aesthetic to the fantasy genre.

It’s a little dated, sure, but Merlin has a cult following thanks to fantastic performances. Don’t expect Game of Thrones-level production values.

Gonzalo Jimenez/CNET

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018-2020)

Based on Sabrina’s children’s sitcom The Teenage Witch, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina reinvents itself as a dark drama focused on the occult. Miraculously, it works.

Prepare for a weird ending, but this show delivers.

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Hellbound is a dark fantasy show about supernatural creatures that lead people to hell. If you’ve just finished Squid Game and are craving more Korean TV, look no further. This rules.


Sweet Tooth is a fantasy drama based on the comic book of the same name. After a pandemic — stay with me here — hybrid babies are born, half-human, half-animal.

As one might expect, a schism appears. Some people cannot handle the emergence of this new hybrid and blame them for the pandemic. The show has been renewed for a second season, so now is a good time to catch up.


We officially called it the second best show on Netflix. Is it a fantastic show? Kind of. It certainly contains some weird fantasy elements and, regardless, is worth your time. The story centers on Prairie Johnson, a woman who returns home after being missing for years. The twist: She used to be blind, now she can see.

Anything that comes from this weird twist just gets weirder and weirder. Give it a shot.


The Legend of Korra (2012-2014)

I can’t put Avatar on the list without adding The Legend of Korra.

Set in the same universe, years after the events of the original Avatar, The Legend of Korra is a much more adult take on the series, dealing with surprisingly mature themes. It is dramatically underestimated. Look at this.

Weekly Shonen Jump

Can I get away with adding anime to this list? Sorry, I do.

If you’re an anime fan, chances are you’ve already watched Demon Slayer, or at the very least are aware of its existence. Right now, it’s probably the most popular anime on the planet. Demon Slayer is basically a show about a guy who kills demons. The twist: His sister is also part demon, and they travel together. It’s beautifully animated and the fight scenes are ballistic.


Attack on Titan (2013-2022)

Since we’re doing anime now, might as well do Attack on Titan.

Attack on Titan is an anime set in a vaguely medieval universe where humans are constantly threatened by humanoid, skyscraper-sized “Titans” who eat humans.

It’s absolutely insane. You should watch this.


The Dragon Prince (2018—)

The Dragon Prince is often compared favorably to another legendary show on this list – Avatar.

That’s about the praise you can get for an animated fantasy show.


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