The 6 Best Duvets of 2023

The 6 Best Duvets of 2023

The 6 Best Duvets of 2023

You can’t spell comforter without comfort. A good comforter can complete your bed setup, enhance its feel, and make it so cozy that you can’t wait to get cozy under the covers every night.

Comforters are made with different materials, textures, and fabrics, making some more appealing than others if you’re looking for a specific feel.

While these are just big, cozy blankets, some are better suited for warmer temperatures, while others are super fluffy to keep you warm all winter long. Many duvets also double as duvet inserts that can be slipped inside a Duvet coverhelping to protect against spills, leaks and stains.

This best duvet review will look at the various duvets I liked in testing, including the popular Buffy and other top duvets like Cozy Earth and Nest bedding, which use premium silk. These are the best duvets for draping your mattress, and they’re worth spending your money on. They are listed below with the Queen’s price.

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  • Account of 300 threads.
  • Eucalyptus fabric shell.
  • Machine washable.
  • 50 night trial.

Buffy is one of the best-known brands in the bedding world, and you’ve probably come across its comforters in your search for new bedding. Between the Buffy Breeze duvet and the Cloud, the Cloud duvet is its warmest and fluffiest choice, perfect for cooler weather or for all seasons if you have no problem sleeping warm.

Unlike most duvets I’ve seen, the Buffy Cloud’s outer shell is made from eucalyptus fabric, which offers a softer, more breathable option than cotton. The interior is a soft, eco-friendly and certified recycled fiber fill that gives the blanket a plush, light and airy feel. It’s an ultra-comfortable addition to any bed – I had it myself for a year before making a switch when I was reviewing the picks for this list of the best duvets.

I had no trouble sleeping hot with it, but my partner is a hot sleeper who would get a little warm when we used it during the summer. If that’s the case for you, check out the brand’s Buffy Breeze cooler for those high-temperature months, or the Cozy Earth listed below.

A full-size/queen-size Buffy Cloud duvet sells for $199.

Layla Sleep

  • Account of 300 threads.
  • 100% cotton exterior.
  • Machine washable.
  • 120 night trial.

There are a few advantages to having a down alternative blanket rather than down. It’s more affordable and eco-responsible. The best alternative duvet I’ve tested comes from Layla, the maker of the popular Layla flip-top mattress.

The outer shell is 100% cotton and the interior is filled with what Layla calls Cluster-Loft. It’s a soft, fluffy material that replicates the feel of down feathers, but no animals were involved in its production. It is available in several colors, white and light gray.

It has a chicane box stitch construction, but instead of square boxes like a traditional quilt, it features an octagonal stitch – a Layla signature. The brand says it also helps prevent the filling from bunching up at the corners. Each octagon looks and feels particularly puffy, and I think the design gives the quilt a unique look.

This duvet was a bit heavier than others I’ve tested, so I wouldn’t recommend it for hot sleepers or hot summer nights. However, it’s perfect for lounging around the rest of the year, and it’s one of the best budget options on our best duvets list.

The Layla Down Alternative comforter sells for $229, but the company often offers deals that drop the price to around $150.

McKenzie Dillon/CNET

  • Count of 400 threads.
  • Exterior 100% cotton sateen.
  • Dry clean only.
  • 365 night trial.

I unpacked the comforter, and while it was inside its plastic wrapping, I was surprised to feel how light it was. I know down is synonymous with softness, but this duvet seriously looks like a big pile of cotton candy. Its baffle box design (stitched squares) makes each pocket as puffy as the last. You won’t have to worry about the filling moving to one side of the cover.

The outer shell of the Brooklinen Down Duvet is made of 100% cotton and a satin weave, while the interior is filled with clusters of soft down. Music to the ears of animal lovers, the down is sustainably sourced from ducks or geese living on Hutterite farms in Canada.

Speaking of fill, you can customize your fill level to your preferred comfort. Choose between light, medium or extra padding for added warmth. I chose the medium padding, and I think it’s perfectly warm and comfortable while maintaining a weightless feel. It’s a great choice for cooler fall and winter seasons or for people who don’t sleep hot.

A medium-fill full/queen size Brooklinen down duvet sells for $379.

Nest Bedding

  • Account of 300 threads.
  • Exterior in 100% organic cotton sateen.
  • Dry cleaning recommended, machine wash according to specific care instructions.
  • 30 night trial.

With a name like Silk Cloud and a pretty hefty price tag, I had high expectations for this duvet, and I can definitely say they were exceeded. This duvet has almost no seams on its cover, just a few tufts all over, but the plush, airy filling stays in place perfectly.

The duvet almost has a creamy feel to it, in the sense that it is rich, luxurious, soft and airy. It’s like wrapping yourself in a marshmallow blanket.

The exterior is 100% organic cotton sateen, which is more breathable than regular cotton. Inside there are 200 grams per square meter of premium 100% mulberry silk. This makes for an ultra-soft wetsuit that’s also surprisingly breathable. Even though it’s such a big fluffy duvet, it’s really airy and doesn’t make me or my partner sleepy.

If you have the money to spend, go for it; I give this one my seal of approval. It’s now the duvet I use on my own bed – too good to pass up.

The Nest Bedding Mulberry Silk Full/Queen Comforter is $437.

McKenzie Dillon/CNET

  • 100% viscose from bamboo.
  • Dry cleaning recommended, machine wash according to specific care instructions.
  • 100 night trial.

In the nightly fight between hot sleepers and their heat-promoting duvet, the duvet usually ends up halfway or completely out. While large, poofy feather duvets are comfortable, hot sleepers need something more breathable.

Enter the Cozy Earth Bamboo Viscose Duvet.

It’s made from 100% bamboo viscose, a lightweight, breathable material that makes the blanket feel smooth rather than soft and fluffy. It even has a slight sheen under certain lights, reminiscent of silk and satin. I also like how Cozy Earth made it oversized; the comforter was able to fully cover all sides of my bed frame and drape evenly on both sides.

Bamboo is often used in pajamas or other clothing and marketed as a breathable material to wear in hot weather. It’s the lightest duvet I tested of the bunch, and it was one of the best contenders for my warm sleeping partner. It hugs your curves without creating a warm microclimate between you and the blanket, earning its spot as the best cooling comforter on CNET’s list.

We’re not the only ones who really love this blanket either – Oprah is also a fan of Cozy Earth and its bedding products. I also have to give a nod to its packaging, as the quilt was packed in a white duffel bag – and a nice one too.

The Cozy Earth Bamboo Viscose Full/Queen Comforter is $469.


You are getting price alerts for TEKAMON Queen Comforter All Season Winter Warm Summer Soft Quilted Alternative Comforter Corner Inserts, Machine Washable Fluffy Reversible Collection for Hotel, Snow White

  • Double brushed fabric with polyester filling.
  • Machine washable.

Available on Amazon, the Tekamon All-Weather Duvet is a good choice if you don’t want any frills or thrills, just a comfy duvet that will keep you warm all night long. It’s not as plush as it shows in its photo online, but it’s soft to hug and makes a bed look nice and cozy. It is recommended to toss it in the dryer with tennis or blow dryer balls to give it more lint out of its packaging.

You can also choose a duvet cover to make it more luxurious. The folks on the Amazon Q&A forum say they stuffed their duvet cover with a few of these covers, an approach you can definitely take for extra fullness.

The Tekamon duvet offers the most color options compared to the others on the list. You can choose between black, white, gray or white and gray.

A full-size/queen-size Tekamon duvet sells for $50.

Duvet FAQ

What duvets do five star hotels use?

Upscale hotels typically use down or down alternative duvets with a high thread count for a plush, soft, and luxurious feel. They also tend to use white comforters and bedding because white gives a fresher, cleaner look.

What is the best material for a duvet?

The best materials are bamboo, silk, down, alternative down, cotton, and organic cotton. It also depends on how warm you want your duvet to be. Bamboo and silk are more breathable, while down/down alternatives are warmer and fluffier.

How much does a duvet cost?

Budget duvets will cost less than $100, starting at $50 on the low end. Your average duvet costs around $150 to $200, and the best luxury duvets can cost $300 or more.

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